Romantic Vacation: the Best Places For a Honeymoon

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Romantic Vacation: the Best Places For a Honeymoon


In our review you will find not only the traditional Maldives, but also just romantic cities, islands and other honeymoon destinations, which will give amazing impressions. You can go to these places not only right after the wedding because romance does not end with the honeymoon. Take note of ideas for planning future trips with your loved one!



Romantic Vacation: the Best Places For a Honeymoon

Let’s start the review of top honeymoon destinations from the most traditional direction. However, it is quite deserved. Ideal beaches with snow-white sand, home coral reef, cozy secluded villas and luxurious cuisine – all this you will find in the Maldives. There is only one disadvantage for this heavenly place – this is a high price, especially if you want to rest not in an ordinary hotel, but in a separate villa.




The famous island of Santorini is by no means not the only one beautiful place with white and blue Greek houses. You will find the same beauty in the neighboring islands of the Cyclades archipelago – for example, in Mykonos, where descent to the water is much more convenient than in Santorini. Mykonos is famous for the most merry parties in Greece, so you can always dance on the beach to dilute the solitude of the honeymoon. It is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for young people.




If you want to not only sunbathe and swim, but also get more impressions, pay attention to the resorts of Florida – a pure brilliant among other top honeymoon destinations. A particularly cool idea for a honeymoon will be a cruise on a luxury liner that will provide you with all the beauties of the coast. Clean and warm air, a beautiful sunset, a delicious dinner, a pleasant company … what could be better for two loving hearts?




We can`t talk about best honeymoon destinations without talking about Paris. When else should you dine on the Eiffel Tower, if not during the honeymoon? To experience all the charm of Paris, it’s worth staying in Montmartre. And then? have breakfast with delicate croissants, drink wine in lovely street restaurants and walk, walk hand in hand! Paris was created by people in love with life and this spirit is felt in every breath of Parisian air. Fill yourself with the feeling of infinite beauty and triumph of love and the world around will shine with new colors.




Mexico is able to impress the imagination of even those who travel four times a year. In addition to its amazing nature and vibrant culture, this country is famous for its chic beaches. The spirit of Mexico is a spirit of fun. Even if you are a desperate housewife and a social phobic, in Mexico you will hang out until you drop.




Where to spend a honeymoon, if you’ve already been to Paris and do not really dream about beach holidays? Go to Provence! Idyllic French villages, restaurants with Michelin stars, beautiful landscapes, medieval castles and the best wine in the world … For inspiration, watch the film “A Good Year”.


Reykjavik (Iceland)


So what about unique honeymoon destinations? We have got one for you. The capital of Iceland Reykjavik is a relatively accessible place for honeymoon. The newlyweds will find here the charm of an untouched nature and a thriving city center with many restaurants and spa centers. Iceland is famous for thermal springs, thermal water here is in each pool and jacuzzi. Thermal sources are not only ideal for a romantic getaway, but also to relieve pain in the joints. This is the best way to relieve fatigue after long walks.


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