The SIA’s Future: a private sector security industry

The importance of  SIA training
A person with a great job is sure to tell you that whatever their investment in their role is, the personal returns are much more valuable, that’s what having a profession or a vocation to be proud of is all about; it’s called ‘job satisfaction’.
There are myriads of jobs that are performed daily by thousands of employees but only few are given accreditation for the effort. We do respect professions like doctors, nurses, paramedics and firemen.
But the problem with the society today is we don’t remember the security authorities yet their responsibilities are serious and important to us to make our life safe. We also often forget, in times of emergencies, they are one of the firsts to respond but that doesn’t crush their determination.
It’s extraordinary when you think that there are people around who actually choose to make our lives better and safer, and often without much public acclaim, but that doesn’t overwhelm their determination.
The <strong >SIA</strong>'s Future: a private sector security industrySince 1990 the United Kingdom Authorities decided to license the complete of the “security business”. Though the idea took them a while but it surely has eventually take place. No business empire is left unmoved by the financial downturn, but the security industry is exception to it and has emerged as the most flourishing career aspect and is able to generate many jobs. The security industry needs trained staff to numerous purposes and high paid career jobs and it promises a fulfilling career ahead.  
SIA Training will award everyone with outstanding qualifications to raise the standards and performance of both the security personnel and the companies providing the services to industry. The SIA understands that one of the most important aspects for personnel that are involved in the private security sector is Training and more Training.
SIA did a thorough research work by gaining knowledge from the security service providers, customers, training companies, trade associations, awarding bodies, local government and the police to achieve a broad agreement which transcended all levels and culminated in the development of training and qualifications which would be licensed to suitable personnel.   
The main aim of SIA security training program is to increase the level and performance of both the security staff in rendering the services. A degree of professionalism was required and the SIA took responsibility of training the candidates of making them suitable for the duties and to instigate a professional standard across the industry.
It has set a level for security industry to undergo a structured training program and education which led to an obligatory licensing certification to ensure their effectiveness of the security staff. This is in turn will increase the level of skills that would stimulate an increasing professionalism.
The SIA constantly perk up the level of security sector and take necessary steps against poor performing companies and motivate those companies who shine in their performance and strive hard to improve the standards of training and qualifications.

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