Six Important Features Of A CASB Solution

The phenomenal development in the IT sector has dynamically changed how the data is stored and accessed. Cloud Computing is one of the most useful methods which has made it easier for business teams to operate in the present era. Most of the companies today are shifting to cloud services. However, this has also increased the concern about the security of sensitive data on the cloud network.

Most of the companies today are addressing this issue of data safety on cloud services. Cloud access security brokers deal with this specific concern protecting confidential data from any unauthorized third-party networks. They identify the loopholes and fill the gaps in the storage, transfer, and organization of data on the cloud networks.

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The top CASB vendors will help you to secure, monitor, and control the activity on the cloud collaboration platforms. They will keep the data security infrastructure intact to avoid any unapproved activity. Often the system administrators do not get notified about the data breaches, and due to this, the sensitive data on the cloud software is exposed to vulnerable risks. If you integrate the appropriate CASB solutions into your system, it will identify the malicious operation or a misconfiguration that has exposed the software to multiple risks. Hence, the CASB solution fills the security risks in cloud system management.

On any cloud collaboration platform, there is no added security layer provided by the application. CASBs steps in to prevent the occurrence of any malicious breaches in the data organization. The CASB vendors provide several functions, and you need to determine what specific features you need for your company. If you wish to explore the various CASB vendor options, this article lists the top 6 features of a CASB solution.

1)Malware & Phishing Threat Protection

The IT sector is exposed to an alarming risk of data phishing. The cloud collaboration platforms are highly vulnerable to this risk because of their shared nature. Besides the team members, if any third party gets access to the login credentials or hack the system, they can easily get hold of sensitive or confidential data. If they harbor malicious intentions, they can also harm the software by installing any malware, which can expose it to various risks.

The public cloud has a porous nature, and often the system administrators are unaware of the possible infiltrations. The infiltrators can use file-sharing or browser extensions and various third-party applications to bring down the system. CASB vendors will help the system administrators to trace the various risks to which the cloud software is exposed. They can also provide the administrators with the appropriate preventive methods to make the system immune to any future risks. This will ensure the early detection of malicious activity in the clouds, which will prepare the administrators to isolate or delete the threat vectors at once.

2)Account Management & Security

Besides the external threats, which are discussed in the point mentioned above, cloud software is also exposed to various internal risks. Such internal risks can either be accidental or can be carried out with malicious intentions. If the system is compromised internally, it might give several indicators that help to identify the breach or leakage in the system. Some of the key indicators are suspicious login locations or varied timings, downloading or sharing of files in a massive amount, or the download/ sharing of files, which is inherently confidential and can be accessed only by a few members.

Your CASB vendor should be able to detect such activities in the cloud software. After detecting it, they need to make the system administrator vigilant about such breaches. Most of the CASBs also define the functions to set up appropriate policies that will lock down the account that is invading the system with malicious intentions.

3)Data Security

Robust data loss prevention tools need to be accommodated by companies, both big and small. Any source of data leakage can lead to the exposition of sensitive data, due to which they might have to incur a huge loss. Often the companies’ customers record is targeted to gain significant information about the company. Hence, the protection of such sensitive data is of crucial importance.

CASB vendors will provide an effective solution to identify the loopholes in the data security process. Most of the CASBs implement the DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution to protect the data on the cloud services. They will appropriately manage and control the data policies so that the system administrators can protect the data from both external and internal threats.

4)Unsanctioned Cloud App Discovery

With the increase in the amount of “shadow-IT” in the past few years, it has increased the concerns about data security. In a Shadow IT, the company hardware or software is not supported by the central IT department. With the growing importance of cloud collaboration software, the combination of shadow-IT in cloud services also needs to be inspected.

The SaaS cloud applications are exposed to multiple security gaps, helping the perpetrators gather sensitive data. Some of the applications by cybercriminals are created with this specific purpose. Unsuspecting users often download such applications. If they login into the application with their secured login credentials, it becomes easier for cybercriminals to target sensitive data.

An effective CASB vendor will help the system administrators to identify such risky or unauthorized applications. They can help determine the risk such applications pose and can bring it under control by minimizing the permission granted to the application and identifying the gaps through with the unauthorized parties access the confidential data.

5)Impact On Network Performance

A CASB that is deployed in a proxy mode is an in-line solution. In a proxy-based CASB, a third-party agent or proxy assumes a certain role in the cloud traffic for checking and filtering users and devices. A proxy-based CASB can impact network performance extensively.

An API-based CASB is an Out-of-Band solution that provides a similar security feature. However, they do not hamper network performance. The authorized members can access the information stored in the cloud without any delay.

6)Affordability & Ease Of Use

If you are looking ahead to implement the CASB solution into your business, you do not have to worry about the cost as it comes at an affordable rate. A CASB vendor may also charge ancillary costs besides the license agreement. Hence, when you are evaluating the vendor, read the terms and conditions and determine its compatibility with your company.

To Conclude:

A CASB vendor can provide you with effective solutions to protect the data on cloud services. They can help the system administrators by providing deeper visibility into data storage and transfer. This will help them to identify the loopholes and the risks to the data in real-time.

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