Social Media Marketing on Instagram

Social Media Marketing on Instagram

If you are wondering how important Instagram can be as a tool to increase your business, you will be immediately satisfied. The answer is a lot!

Recent sector studies have confirmed that 75% of brands and companies use Ig as an effective Social Media Marketing tool and that 25% of users use it for purely personal purposes.

Having said that, it is evident that we are facing a declared success already in 2012, from the moment in which we slowly and a little shy we started taking pictures and posting them on our profile. From 2012 to today, time has passed not only in the literal sense of the term, but also from the point of view of developments, novelties, and the success of the platform which ranks among the first two places of the most used in the world.

The active users every month are over 700 million, all with very specific purposes that often go beyond the traditional private profile. Being a global platform that allows those who wish to have exchanges with followers, to build loyalty with them and to reach new users, it is evident that it is the most effective tool to expand and make your business known.

Even in this case, however, it is necessary that you follow some simple rules that allow you to understand how Instagram is used in a social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing on Instagram

Effective methods to make your business known on Instagram

In Italy, active users on this platform every day are more than 19 million, precisely 19 million and 300 thousand. Numbers that have made it transform into a real social media advertising platform that allows companies to improve brand awareness as well as allow them to reach more and more followers.

For this reason it is essential to know the effective methods to make your business known on Instagram.

  1. Define the goals you want to achieve. It is the first step towards success. Having them in mind will help to create content designed specifically for your sector so that your followers can also take you as a reference point when they search for that kind of posts and images. You will have to ask yourself questions like: why am I using Instagram and how can it help me achieve my goals?
  2. Optimize your profile. You will have to think of a biography that in a few lines knows how to talk about your business by also choosing a coherent profile image that can immediately make you think about your brand. This means using a precise logo.
  3. Create winning content. To have clear visual content (and textual accompanying them) it is necessary to think of an editorial plan that allows you to focus on the basic theme of each post. Based on that you can decide to create all the contents. Be careful to use hashtags that are relevant and consistent with what you post.
  4. Analyze the results. You will have to keep an eye on the progress of your followers, based on what you post every day, to understand if they are growing or decreasing and to find out what they prefer.

How do you increase engagement on Instagram?

There are some simple tips on how to increase engagement on Instagram. Precisely it is about: including people in your posts instead of posting only photos without real protagonists, take part in discussions and comment on the profiles of other competitors and characters similar to you and your business and finally choose to share your posts also on Facebook because they seem to have a greater impact on web users.

What can we do for you ?

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