Solutions to Opt For in Case You Lose Your Four-Wheeler Keys


It can be a stressful situation when your vehicle keys get stolen or lost. Unlike two-wheeler keys, losing four wheeler keys can cost you high charges for key replacement. But, do you know that the cost you spend for duplicating the key can be saved? With insurance policies like Key Replacement Covers, you can get reimbursement for the charges incurred for the replacement of the lost keys or you can get your keys replaced by the insurance company. The facility can vary from insurer to insurer. You have to choose the plan based on your potential requirements as well as the benefits offered by the insurance provider.

Steps to Get Back Your Keys:

  1. First check the type and form of your key — for example, traditional car key, smart key, key fobs or transponder keys, etc.

  2. Check on the relevant information like car’s manufacture year, vehicle identification number and model number, car papers, etc. as you will need to present it for authentication proof.

  3. Define your budget and try to surf for a good replacement method with a dealership, online retailer as well as local locksmith.

  4. If your vehicle is in middle of somewhere, your first duty is to call the tow cart. You can directly take it to the replacement place and get your keys replaced.

  5. If you have insurance, then you can call them and get your keys replaced with a new one as well as claim for the amount you paid for the replacement.

  6. Once you receive the keys in your hand, make sure to test it twice before leaving the place and if possible, ask for another spare key at the same time.

Precautions you can take to Avoid Loss of Car Keys

  1. You can seek the help of some tech devices in order to take precautions. Try attaching Bluetooth tracker to your keys which will allow you to search within 50 feet indoor and 150 feet outdoors.

  2. Assign a place to your car keys and remind yourself to keep them on place every time you reach your home.

  3. Avoid keeping your keys anywhere while you are outside your home. You can assign one of your safest pocket, a wallet or a compartment of your bag for the same.

  4. Avoid playing with your keys while walking. This is because there are chances that you may not realize that your keys have dropped while you were busy talking.

Why Bajaj Finserv?

Bajaj Finserv has some best schemes under its Pocket Insurance Policy, and Key Replacement Plan is one of them. The following covers would serve as a boon to you at the time of an emergency:

The Policy Covers The Following:

  1. Loss of vehicle keys

  2. Reimbursement of the key replacement charges

  3. Towing expenses

Conditions for Claiming Insurance:

  1. You should own the vehicle

  2. Written imitation letter of the loss should be submitted within 24 hours.

  3. Police FIR has to be filed within 24 hours after discovering the loss.

  4. All details should be correct as mentioned in claim form.

  5. You need to attach the original copies of the required documents.

  6. The claim needs to be submitted within 3 days of the event.

  7. Submission of the receipts of all the incurred expenses must be done.

Apart from Key Replacement Cover, Bajaj Finserv offers many other services like Motor Insurance Policy, Life Insurance, Personal Trip Liability Cover, etc. One can opt for multiple insurance plans in order to get the premium benefits.