Advantages of Hiring a Studio like Meadow farm Studios


Nowadays, a lot ofmany professionals prefer renting studios than building one themselves. This could eitheris due to the following 2 reasons:

Financial Reasons:
Financial shortfalls lead topeoplepeople renting a studio and its equipment. Renting is definitely a better option, when it comes to Photography equipment, since every single device used for photography is very expensive. Renting a photo studio is a fantastic option, since they are usually complete with all tools, equipment and necessaryand necessary apparatus. There are hundreds of equipment required in a photo shoot like the light stands with booms, flash and flood lights, various bulbs, umbrellas for light reflections, barn doors, various lighting accessories to be used for photography like the light heads, chromakey muslin backdrops, background sets and other support systems. Buying and arranging all these equipment every time there is a shoot can be quite an expensive and troublesome act. Hence, renting a studio complete equipped with high technology gadgets is a great option.

Temporary Requirement:
If the need is not frequent or if you require the equipments only once in a whileoccasionally, then there is no point in buying all the apparatus. In such cases, renting is the best alternative. Students, travellers and others who need to work on a project would always prefer to rent a studio available in the area required. The details of available studio on rent can also be found online. Internet provides details of photo studio rentals, their equipment and services, their picture galleries and you can choose them according to your preferences, requirements and budget.

Meadows Farm Studios:

It is owned by Richard Pinches, whose passion for car photography led to the development of a superb drive-in studio facility the ‘Meadows Farm Studios’ in 1988. It provides pleasant environment for working, with assured privacy for ‘top secret’ projects as well.

Advantages of Hiring Meadows Farm Studios

Location: The Meadows Farm Studios is are a fantastic studio complex, located on the beautiful country sidecountryside outside Henley-on-Thames. It is very conveniently located and is just 20 minutes from both M4 and M40. It is an easily accessible studio for hire, and a great alternative to London, The Thames Valley and Bristol.

Settings and Equipment: It is designed to meet all requirements of those looking to hire a TV studio for photography, video or green screen.
There are drive-in infinity coves, a contemporary lifestyle kitchen, and also they have recently invested and upgraded their facilities to offer their clients a fabulous fully sound proof drive-in, chroma key green walls, and also infinity green screen and a permanent green screen floor.

They have ample parking to offer with Wi-Fi and a 50” Sky HD TV along with additional make-up and dressing rooms.

Experienced Team: They are a team of experienced professionals with great talent and knowledge in videography, CGI, retouching, photography, video graphics and sound studio.
Maintenance: you will be provided with the latest technology gadgets, which are right for, your job, to be done and maintenance and rectifying troubleshooting of these equipments is the responsibility of Meadows Farm Studios.
Meadows Farm Studios provides you all that you can look for in a studio and be rest assured of getting fantastic support for your work.

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