Spice up Your Intimate Life: Top 10 Essentials for Married Couples

Top 10 Essentials for Married Couples

Spice up Your Intimate Life: Top 10 Essentials for Married Couples


Description: Emotional intimacy and closeness are key to a healthy sexual relationship and marriage. Here are ten ways married couples can rekindle the passion and spice up their life-long relationship.

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A rewarding marriage is filled with tons of beautiful memories and passionate experiences that bring a couple closer. To achieve this, couples engage in things that enhance emotional intimacy, closeness, and sexual satisfaction. This is usually the case in the first years of marriage. With time, this blissful state starts to disappear. The passion starts dwindling, and there’s a clear lack of intimacy in the marriage. One or both of the partners starts pulling away, often citing exhaustion as a result of daily work activities. 

If this lack of energy and sexual intimacy continues, the couple may feel distant, eventually ruining a healthy marriage. Here are some great ideas that can help rekindle the lost emotional and sexual intimacy in couples:


Think outside the bedroom

Top 10 Essentials for Married Couples

Most intimacy issues stem from everyday stress, resentment, unresolved arguments, and other issues affecting your mental or emotional health. As a couple, it is important to create some time and refocus on reconnecting with your better half. Share your dreams, hopes, interests, and aspirations with them. You are partners for a reason, so talk everything out like you used to when you just met. By doing this, you will feel closer and more attached to your partner, which is an essential cornerstone of a healthy intimate relationship. Couples who know and understand each other’s personality quirks, likes, dislikes, goals, and dreams are more likely to make it.


Have some quality time together

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Carving out some quality time to spend with your spouse is a great way to ignite intimacy in marriage. If you want to improve your sexual desire, engage in activities that bring you pleasure.  A good idea would be going to a place where you can spend some time talking, getting intimate with your partner, or doing something worthwhile without distractions or intrusions. 

You can check into your favorite hotel for a weekend and have a good time there. It’s always super fun rolling around in sheets you don’t have to clean. If your partner loves a massage, this might be the perfect time to rub some warm oil on her body before flipping her over for sex. 


Set the scene

Setting the mood for intimacy is a great way to initiate passionate intimate sex. But first, you need to know what works best for your partner. Some romantic things you might consider trying include dimming the lights, lighting candles, putting on lingerie, playing romantic music, or watching an erotic movie.

Alternatively, you can offer your loved one a sexy massage with candles. This will help you stay relaxed while the gentle sensual touches create the perfect mood for coitus. In addition to the affectionate touch, you can try a flirty sex game or role-play for even more fun and adventure.


Bring on some toys


Making sex toys part of your sex life can increase both pleasure and intimacy. However, some people have a fear of intimacy. They shy away from sharing sexual fantasies with their partners, which keeps their intimate relationship boring. To spice things up, consider shopping for a sex toy together. Get to your local sex shop and make sure you leave with something intriguing to enhance stimulation during sex. If there’s no sex shop around, you can order a couple’s vibrator and have fun when it arrives.


Watch porn together


While watching porn together may feel uncomfortable, especially if you’re doing it for the first time, the experience makes couples feel super bonded. First, the intimacy-filled scenes will turn you on, so you’ll end up having a pretty romantic time. Second, it provides some inspiration to try new ideas or positions. Other than watching some artfully shot erotic feature films, try reading some sexy erotica to each other. Do it until the point you can’t take anymore, then try the moves together. 


Learn new sex positions

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Nothing makes sex in married couples more boring than using the same position every time you’re having coitus. Couples should spice up their sexual intimacy with different positions. Ideally, you can institute a rule to try a new coitus position every week or month. Once you embark on the journey to discover new styles of making love, you will realize that you’ve been missing out on a lot of intimate experiences. There’s more to sex than the old school missionary; explore other options, and you will eventually find yourself enjoying a more satisfying sexual relationship. Additionally, consider learning some dirty talk during sex to increase sexual pleasure even more.




Sending some flirty messages is not reserved for the younger generation or those in long-distance relationships. Married couples should also engage in some sexy dirty talk to keep their sex life more exciting. Do not be afraid to share your fantasies through texts during the day. Build some tension by letting your partner know what you’d like them to do when they get home. It shows how excited you feel about them and keeps you connected even when away. 


Switch locations


Making love does not have to be a bedroom thing. Every couple should make having coitus somewhere else other than the bedroom a norm. You’ve got the entire house to explore – so sneak off to the bathroom, the kitchen counter, the couch, the laundry room, the stairs, the car, or any other random place. You know the best spots to get freaky in your home, so never hesitate to grab your partner to a new space and ramp up the passion with some new moves. 


Share your sexual desires


When the passion fades, there’s a decent chance that the husband or wife avoids intimacy. In case you or your partner feels too exhausted, take control by initiating communication. It’s the only way to make it work out.  Maybe you’re coming on too strong or denying your partner the intimacy they deserve, thereby leading to a drop in sexual desire. Talking it out is the only way out.

When you’re both relaxed, bring up the conversation and let your partner know what you expect. Whether you want more coitus, a more affectionate touch, or some oral sex, let them know what you’re craving deep inside.

As you share your desires, be sure to keep everything light, so your partner does not feel judged or criticized. You’re be surprised at how sharing your sexual fantasies can reinvigorate your sex life.

Top 10 Essentials for Married Couples

Complement and make each other feel special


Finally, cement the bond by complementing each other and having some more passionate sex to celebrate the rekindle intimacy. Let your partner know how much you love them, how good they look, how you enjoy making love to them, and how you can’t get enough of them. Complementing the good in your partner will not only satisfy their ego but also boost their confidence. Making your spouse feel special is a great way to keep the momentum going. 




If you’re struggling to sustain a deep, intimate bond with your partner, we’ve shared the secrets to a more satisfying intimate relationship. With the above tips, every couple can increase physical affection and sexual intimacy. You only need to make a conscious effort to ensure you’re fulfilling everything on your sex bucket list. Remember, this is a long life journey, so do not stop midway unless you want things to fall flat again. 

What’s your view on how married couples can spice up their intimate life and reignite the spark they once enjoyed?


Author’s Bio:

Alice Jones is a certified sexologist and psychologist. Through online sessions she helps couples to deal with the issues they are facing in their relationship and sexual life. In her freetime she enjoys writing and spending time with her family.