Top 10 Sports Extravaganza to Enjoy on Your Italian sports Tour international


Italy is ideally suited to plan a vacation trip round the year. Sport junkies will simply adore Italy because of its rich sporting background. Italy has impressed its dominance in Soccer with emphatic wins in the 1982, 2006, 1934 and 1938 world cups. However, Italian sports are not limited to Soccer and tourists can catch glimpses of other sports that have a significant presence in the Italian sports landscape.

If you are planning to visit Italy to enjoy the sports tour international it is famous for, it would be ideal to book a location villa vacances Italie (Italy Vacation) to optimally intensify the unique experience. Top games that will simply captivate your sporting senses can be enumerated as below.

  1. Rugby: North Italy is obsessed with the game of rugby. British settlements, dating back to 1890 introduced this game in Italy.
  2. Golf: Golf is slowly but steadily capturing the attention of Italians. More than 9000 registered golf players exist in Italy. Renowned players like Francesco Molinari and Costantino Rocca have earned Italy a place in the world map of professional golfing.
  3. Tennis: Tennis is followed like a religion in Italy. You can catch glimpses of top professionals taking part in tournaments organized across Italian venues, round the year. The list containing top 150 lead players of all times has notable presence of Italian male and female players. Italy has captured the Fed cup twice and Davis Cup in 1976.
  4. Athletics: Italian track and field experts have brought glory to the nation in several Olympics and other international level meets. Numerous athletics events take place in Italy every year.
  5. Wrestling: Professional wrestling is a favorite with Italians. Overseas tour by American pro wrestling federation often takes place in Italy and you can catch your favorite wrestling stars in some intense action on your tour.
  6. Water polo: Italy is the land of professional water polo players. The game is hugely popular among Italians and many amateurs dabble in this game. The ranking of Italian national team is among the top four in the world.
  7. Cycling: Italy comes next to Belgium in winning the maximum number of World Cycling Championships. You can gauge the popularity of the sports by this fact only. The world famous Giro d’Italia, the long distance bicycle race will add sparkle to your vacation.
  8. Volleyball: Recreation has been taken to new heights by amateur Italian volleyball players. The Italian Volleyball League has carved a distinctive niche for itself among the world’s best volleyball leagues. The male as well as female national teams are ensconced in the list of top four national teams across the globe.
  9. Basketball: Only Turkey, Spain and Greece have dared to equate Italy when it comes to choosing the best basketball nations across Europe. The Italian league has earned the unique honor of being the best league next only to the United States.
  10. Football: Italy has dominated this game since time immemorial. Italian soccer stadiums come alive with thousands of football buffs every Saturday and Sunday.

Your tour to Italy will materialize in real terms only when you come to feel the intense passion for sports that floats in the Italian ambience.


About the author: Jennifer is a writer of repute who has penned for numerous leading European journals. She has a special place in her heart for location villa vacances italie (Italy vacation villa rental). And It is abundantly apparent from his columns on Italy.

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