Designable Swimming Pools: A New Way to Increase Your Home Beauty


For anyone who has not been lucky enough to have a swimming pool at home then seeing any home with a swimming pool is always a treat, you only have to look in hotel and spa brochures to see how swimming pools can be designed. From different shapes, lighting, mosaics and even caves designable swimmer pool are not just reserved for hotels; if you have the money to spend then you could have your very own. This will increase both the beauty and value of your home which is important if you want to get a return on the money spent designing. As they are made to specification you can have the pool that you have always dreamed of.

Most homes with a pool have ones that are all very similar in style; rectangular, increasing in depth with a ladder to get in and out of it, which is of course fantastic but have you ever thought of an upgrade? There are many factors that can be taken in to consideration when upgrading or putting in a new pool these can vary from size to design. Nobody ever said a pool had to be rectangular, yes it is useful if you like to swim lanes but soft curved edges add a different emphasis to a pool. Having steps in to the pool adds a very grand gesture and it is also much easier to get in and out of the pool, you can also sit on the steps and bask in the sunshine.

If you like to use your pools all hours of the day then lighting is something that you could speak to your designer about, a lit swimming pool with some outdoor garden lights can create a beautiful effect and even when you are not using the pool it is lovely to look at. Lights can be plain but colored lighting is recommended for maximum effect. If plain blue tiling or paint is too boring then maybe you could look in to a roman mosaic style flooring in the pool, many hotels have this if you need a starting place to look. If you go for a design it is best to keep the tiles relatively light in color for the majority and the design neutral because if you wish to increase the value of the property then the next buyer will probably want to keep the design and the lighter color allows you to see how clean the pool is.

If you want to go for something slightly more extravagant then you could look in to pools with caverns and islands, these breaks up the pool design and makes it more fun and interesting. It does however create more and awkward cleaning but for a family this could be well worth the investment. These islands can be topped with grass and trees for decorative effect or used as a small space for sunbathing or maybe even a bar on party nights; there are so many ideas for all walks of life if you design your swimming pool from scratch. Many designer pools will also have a Jacuzzi area which you can just walk in to from the pool; this could also be detached if preferred.

A pool is very grand but having a designer pool just throws a home in to a completely different ball park, it is always impressive to see a design that you have never come across before. Having a pool that you love and enjoy will also increase your time in it, you will also want others to enjoy the pool too, and they are great for parties, gatherings and families alike. If you have a heated pool it can be enjoyed in all seasons or if you live in a country which is hot most of the time then you can save on heating costs but just letting the sun heat it up, this is another aspect you can consider in your pool design.

The writer Holly Williamson writes about the different ways a swimming pool can increase the value and the enjoyment within a home; however, finding a pool designer with the same ideas as you as a customer and one that can make your wish come true can be a tricky request, companies such as Norfolk Pools are out there to fill this dream. It is important to get both the quality and the perfect design for where the swimming pool is going to be placed.


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