Seasonal Changes: How to make the most of the conservatory

A conservatory is a great way to add extra space and value to your property. However it can be tricky to make the most of the space created by your new conservatory. Unless you have chosen to make the addition to form a particular room, it can be beneficial to maintain it as a neutral area. This means it can be used for a wide range of purposes and is adaptable for different occasions. Conservatories are versatile social spaces that can be used as a tea room, a play room or a shelter for your plants.

Utilising the huge amount of light that the conservatory can bring is important. Many people choose to have their conservatories as day rooms, where they can relax and read books while enjoying the views of their garden. Creating a cosy seating area will allow your guests a comfortable place to settle when they visit and allow you to unwind after a hard day. A good idea in the colder months is to add cushions and a warm throw blanket to your seating area, to ensure you can ward off the chills.

If you often use the space in the evenings, adding a dimmer switch to the lighting will allow you to create different moods by changing the levels of light. Candles can also provide a comforting glow to the area.

Don’t forget to add some photographs and personal mementoes to the furniture in your conservatory. Accessorising with these items gives the space a more personal touch, and let you embrace your individual style.

Bring the garden inside your home by adding some suitable flowers and houseplants. Ensure to use stylish planters that match with your colour scheme, to make sure it looks homely rather than simply an overflow from your greenhouse.

Many people choose to add blinds and curtains into their conservatories to dress the windows. It also allows you to filter any direct sunlight in hotter months, which can sometimes be overly bright and make the space too hot. Venetian blinds can also act as a privacy screen if your garden is overlooked, while still allowing light into your room. Thick curtains can also help to insulate the area during winter and keep in the warmth from your home.

A conservatory also makes a great area for dining and entertaining. Light coloured, or delicately distressed shabby chic style furniture is most suited to this space, as well as items featuring cast iron features.

Adding a cosy rug to the floor in your conservatory can help make the space more homely, as well as making dividing the floor space up into designated areas for different purposes.

Wireless entertainment centres can help liven up the parties and social gatherings you hold in your conservatory. Opting for a system that uses a central hub to stream music can be helpful as it doesn’t require an electrician to set it up, saving on call out fees and costly rewiring of your conservatory.

Creating a luxury spa at home is now also possible with a conservatory. This allows an enclosed space in which to enjoy your relaxation, without having to worry about weather conditions spoiling your spa sessions. It also gives the option of having blinds to screen you from neighbours while you are using the hot tub, swimming pool or sauna. To add these features to your space you will need to consider adding sufficient ventilation facilities and a drain in the floor area for any excess moisture. We also advise tiling the area for maximum cleanliness and safety.

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