The Impact of Technology on the Practice of Law

The Impact of Technology on the Practice of Law

How Technology Helped Evolve the Practice of Law? 

It’s impossible to find an industry where technological advancement hasn’t helped to achieve optimum results within a minimal time frame. For the rapid expansion and establishment of the essential sectors such as law or health, the contribution of technology is worth mentioning. With the advent of electronic media, acquiring instant legal solutions from the best lawyers has become possible. Technology has provided a plethora of benefits in the legal sector for enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction level. 


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Earlier, the law practice methods were considered to be a time-intensive and meticulous process. Moreover, the legal practitioners used to put in a lot of effort while going through the legal paperwork or for finding the required information from the print media. Nowadays, with the rapid internet accessibility, acquiring the recent updates of laws or other rules and legal obligations has become easier. 


Without visiting the law offices, you can now hire attorneys to get an immediate dispute resolution. With technological assistance, renowned legal professionals have won even difficult legal cases.


Unfortunately, there are law firms that haven’t yet availed these technological benefits and still clung to the age-old method of law practice. There are infallible reasons why these attorneys are resisting technology instead of embracing them. Some of them have a fear that AI might replace them — but it’s completely a myth. 


With the emergence of AI, there has been an increase in the lawyer’s productivity, and work efficiency has enhanced, and the law practice has successfully evolved. There are few other technology-related myths that are revolving in the legal industry which immediately needs to be debunked. But before that, it’s time to see how technological tools have changed the way of dealing with legal issues:


  • In-Depth Analysis has Become Easier 

Electronic media such as smartphones or computers have helped lawyers in taking the ultimate case-law decisions. Previously, lawyers used to perform legal research using books, newspapers, and other printed materials. However, now the top-ranked legal representatives of a law firm in Dubai are doing their research from the easy-to-access legal research databases. There are even a few websites from where a law firm in Dubai can get legal information quickly. 


Gone are those days, where the attorneys used to spend a considerable amount of time in the libraries to get particular law-related information. Now, legal professionals have gradually become accustomed to internet usage and inclined towards the latest technological trends. 


Even a few years back, lawyers used to take a printout of everything, including the revised laws and regulations, for their research purposes. This process not only consumes a lot of time and effort, but these professionals used to end up investing a considerable amount of money while working on each case. But, when it comes to family or business-related disputes, it requires immediate legal action. This is the reason why many attorneys have changed their legal research method by taking help from effective technological tools. 


By just accessing the internet, you can remain updated about the recently imposed laws or restrictions of the Government. After visiting the law websites or tools, you will get a “search” option that can help you to get a clear insight about a particular law within a second. So, in a nutshell, it can be stated that technology has uplifted legal research works and brought significant changes. 


  • Bring Ease is Storing Legal Documents 

One of the major improvements that technology has brought in legal firms is the digitization and storage of documents. This includes documents related to regulations, case law, and even statutes. And, you just need to search for the email addresses of the law firms to send the required evidence and details to an advocate. With the introduction of cloud-based storage solutions, lawyers can successfully store a considerable amount of data in internet-driven devices. Accessing the saved legal documents remotely from smartphones or tablets has become easier with the help of such technology.


Cloud technology can mitigate the instances of unwanted security threats, data loss, and data breaches. You can also upload any files and edit them anytime and anywhere with a stable internet connection using this technology. Recently, a renowned law firm has included a set of case laws in their online portals for customers across the world. 


  1. Lawyers can Now Work Remotely

Based on a recently conducted research, it was analysed that almost 64.7% of law firms allow their professionals to telecommute. And, all they need is an accurate unified communication tool set up to communicate with their clients and other company associates. By using these tools, the case-handling process has become more flexible and efficient. 


With the assistance of unified communication and collaboration solutions, lawyers and clients can connect with each other through a messaging application. Moreover, to get an immediate dispute solution, you can use web conferencing and features like voicemail. So, technology has removed the hassle of communicating with an experienced lawyer by introducing some useful tools and software. 


  1. Made the Case Management Process Simple and Less Time-consuming

There are several digital business management platforms available for the lawyer, which mitigates the case management needs. Moreover, these platforms permit legal professionals to automate the case management-related processes. This includes essential tasks such as managing and entering documents, scheduling important court days, and helping in organising the contract lists. Most of these web-based case management platforms help to share documents with the firm members during an emergency period. 

Misconceptions about AI in the Legal Industries

Do you own a law firm and want to increase the conversion rate? Then, it’s worth mentioning that without implementing technological tools like Artificial Intelligence, you can’t achieve the pinnacle of success. AI comes with extensive technological capabilities which can help you to become a leading law firm. 


Most of the legal practitioners don’t have adequate knowledge about AI or how it works in a law firm. Some lawyers tend to think that AI is hard to implement and understand, so they avoid using such technology. But in reality, learning the basic AI skills requires less time. Thus, stop believing in this myth. 


Moreover, few attorneys often consider both AI and machine learning as the same thing, which is absolutely not true. AI solutions are affordable and can be used in every legal department, irrespective of their size.


Another misconception is that some think that AI will make legal research work complicated. Let us clarify that, with Artificial Intelligence you can improve the work accuracy by minimizing the potential errors. So, stop resisting and start using technology for the benefit of the organisation. 



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