The Importance of Sewing Fabric and Sewing Notions

Sewing Fabric and Sewing Notions
Sewing Fabric and Sewing Notions
The Sewing machine has been considered as a household item because of its general use in stitching, repairing, embroidery etc. The sewing machine has also been used in industrial purposes in garment manufacturing units, all over the globe. It can be noted, even a well faceted and customized sewing machine cannot be complete one, until it is being supported by quality and versatile Sewing fabric or/and Sewing notions. While quality machine, mechanical or computerized, fitted with LCD display system and of the numerous numbers of stitching facilities, are the basic ingredients of a workable sewing machine, but it has to be supported by accessories and quality notions to deliver quality finish products.
 Sewing Fabric and Sewing Notions
 Variety of Sewing Fabrics
The sewing fabric is the essential and one of the most important parts of a stitching project, which is coming with various qualities, color, finishes etc. and make these fabrics, unique and of versatile uses. Some of these useful fabrics, for sewing projects, are as follows:
Apparel and Fashion Fabric: These fabrics are made of different nature of ingredients from cotton to silk and other materials. According to the specification and quality of the fabric, there are some useful classifications, which denote the type of the fabric and provide the basic idea of its uses. Some of the basic, featured fabrics are:
Cotton fabrics: There are varieties of cotton fabrics, which are playing important role in stitching and a majority of people are depending or prefer this fabric, be it a primary fabric or a blended one. Apart from solid texture, there are varieties, such as; cotton fabric prints, cotton-satin solid colors etc., which have a niche market.
Silk Fabric: This is another kind of fabric that has a worldwide demand and garment industry is giving special impetus on this fabric for better advantage and profit margin. There are versions like; Silk with solid colors, Silk satin solid colors, Silk metallic colors, Silk with block and other prints – all these variations are having their own advantage and market.
Print Fabric: This kind of fabric is nothing but especially crafted print on various primary fabrics, which have its own demand in the market. For example; Lace fabric with 3D floral print, Animal print, Chiffon Print, Children’s print, Cotton fabric print, Normal Floral print, Geometric print, Jersey Knit print, Nautical Fabric print etc., which are predominantly being used for sewing quality.
Other Fabric: Apart from aforementioned fabrics there are multiple numbers of other sewing fabrics are being used in making quality dress or attire. Fabrics, such as; Beaded fabric, Broadcloth fabric, Check or Gingham fabric, Creased fabric, Crape with polyester, Denim fabric, Eyelet fabric, 100% cotton fabric, Fur fabric, Glitter fabric, Linen fabric, Metallic fabric, Organza fabric, Polka dot fabric, Stripe and Suiting fabric etc. also are being used for manufacturing of quality dress material for both men and women.
Home Décor and Craft Fabric: This is another category of sewing fabric, which is essentially, addressed the issue of home, office or event decoration and plays an important role as a sewing fabric with elegance and quality control. Some of the types and uses of these kinds of fabrics are as follows:
Home Decoration and Furnishing Fabrics: There are quite a huge number of varieties in this segment is available in the market and the potential buyer can choose from, this wide variety for the decoration of his home, office or even for any other purpose because these kinds of fabrics are good for sewing. The variation of fabrics with different texture and colors, available in this section are: Antique gold, Celery Jacquard, Chocolate Jacquard, other Jacquards (Claret, Curry, Mist, Wheat, etc.), Crinkle or Creased fabric, Curtain and Home intonation fabric, Printed fabric, Silk fabrics, embroidered fabric, Drapery fabric (Velvet), Vinyl and Faux leather fabrics etc.
Craft Fabric: This is another segment, where some specialized materials are being used for out of the ordinary crafting purpose that provides an elegant look home décor. The varieties, available in this group are consist of – Felt fabric, Fleece fabric with solid colors and prints, Muslin fabric, Burlap fabric, Canvas fabric and Duck fabric etc.
Event Décor & Display Fabric: Events are always an important part of our social life and people use try their best to make it a memorable one, by decorating and displaying of articles, with all possible ways. Fabrics of different nature are playing the  most important role in decoration and this can be done by fabrics, such as; Cheap fabric, Chiffon Decorating Fabric, Lame fabric, Metallic fabric, Organza fabric, Tulle and Netting fabrics etc. 
Varieties of Sewing Notions
Sewing notions is a term that accommodates lots of items or accessories, which are being used in sewing purpose and without these items, a stitching project cannot be completed. While some items like button, collar stay, zipper, snaps etc. are used to finish a specific article, there are some sewing accessories, such as; thread, marking pencils, pins, drawing and cutting board etc. are the most important support for sewing purposes. Lots of varieties and qualities of notions are available in the market. Some of them are coming as supplied items and some stuffs are to be bought from the market e.g. buttons, snaps, etc. have to be collected separately for completing the sewing project, but articles like thread, seam rippers, etc., are supplied by the sewing machine manufacturing companies as supporting accessories.
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