The Modern Customer Journey in 2020.

 The Modern Customer Journey in 2020

 The Modern Customer Journey in 2020.

In this modern era where we as a customer and as a businessman are o advance, things have changed a lot. When there was no internet, we used to be very unprofessional in purchasing and buying. One traditional way of doing shopping or buying products that were to go to a particular store and then get the thing we want.


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There was no concept of comparing the product of one company with another or looking deeper into their features in the past. People were very simple in this process and had no idea of how to choose a perfect product. But now, when social media have evolved so much, and people of 2020 have become clever customers.


Now customers do their proper research for the product and the company selling, and then after looking at all the benefits and flaws, they finally decide to purchase something. Although modern customers are still working on their buying skills, they have evolved a lot with time.


Online shopping has just become a new trend and is now being practiced more than before. 2020 started with online purchasing, and then it became a new normal when people were supposed to live in lockdown due to corona. Nothing stopped them from buying their favorite items because online shopping entered new ways for them.


In 2020 it was the first time purchasing was made online, and the new customers felt satisfied with as they found it more economical than traditional shopping. But during this journey, customers learned the flaws and benefits of online shopping. Some people enjoyed the luxury of sitting at home and getting their products at their doorstep without making any extra effort while on the other hand, some people experienced scams as they were new and got caught in them.

How to enjoy your journey… from the inside out.

What is the modern customer journey?

 The Modern Customer Journey in 2020

The customer journey represents a customer’s sales, his or her losses, and gains. Because not all experiences are the same, and not all sales are beneficial. The modern customer journey includes the interaction of the customer with its app and devices. The new customers are dependent upon their devices, and they carry out most of their tasks on their mobile phones and apps.

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Every customer is having their journey because two customers can not have the same experience or share one journey. Every individual behaves differently to different revolutions, and now people have become very modern in their thinking.


The change observed in the customers is due to digital advancement and revolution. Now people are more sensible, know how to deal with retailers, and make a perfect choice. Modern customers of 2020 are very smart, and some of their characteristics are


  • Self revolution


Now customers are not dependent on anybody they wish to do everything themselves. They actively take part in product purchasing, and for this purpose, they do all their research before taking any step. And modern technology, which has evolved, has played a key role in building self revolution in customers. Modern customers listen to receives of other people, and it has helped them in gaining experience. When it is their first try, they prefer not to spend money on expensive products rather than cheap ones at first. If they found it cool or beneficial enough, then they step into big stuff.


Customers of this era learn from their experience, and they never repeat any mistake. They scroll their social media accounts and websites of companies before making a final decision, and this is how customers have improved themselves as a customer.


  • Sale Resistant


As time has evolved, the customers have also evolved, and no one can scam them in any way. They have all the information about the product, and you cannot just attract them by talking to them because they know everything about the things they need.

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In the past times, the customers were easily attracted because they were less informed, but because everything is on the internet now, you cannot trap them in any way. They will know more about the product than you. The sale resistant attitude has increased too much now in the customers.


  • High expectations


Some companies have increased their standards so much that the expectations of the customers have also increased. If they give the customers 100% of something, then the customers will expect you to give 110%.


In the old times, the customer did not compare things with each other, but with the evolution and more information, the customers compared the products to find out which one is better.

The customers have increased information, which has increased their standards. The increased standards have increased expectations. So, in these quick times, you cannot make a fool out of your customer.


  • Social media


Social media has become a major part of our lives, or it would not be wrong to say that our whole lives revolve around it. It is the reason that the customers prefer to stay at home and do everything from their home.


Because of this demand from the customers, the maintenance company always decides to be on social media first to purchase it and then put them physically in their shops.It has affected the business to a level that it is almost impossible to come back from there. Social media has made it easier, and at the same time, a bit difficult to grow.

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In the old times, they did not know the product’s pros and cons because of less information, but now, they have known. They have all the required details about everything, and it is just because of social media awareness. 


The customers compare different products, their qualities, and prices, and after all the calculations, they make a cheaper choice. And because of it, the business companies have to put many sales per year. It helps them grow their business and in attracting more customers so that they can sell their products. Customers are now smart, and they wait for sales and offers and then decide to go shopping.



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