The need for manufacturing non-addictive e-liquid

The need for manufacturing non-addictive e-liquid

Everywhere, the presence of dust and smoke is palpable. The outside air quality is severely lowered due to chimney smoke, industrial fumes; vehicle exhaust, etc. and on top of that smoke from tobacco cigarettes also mingles with the air and causes air pollution. The smoke that enters the mouth and nostrils constricts the lungs and irritates the respiratory system.

The palpable advantages of vaping

The vaping of liquids is quite in vogue in the present world. In vaping the traditional cigarettes are replaced by an e-cigarette device which uses a liquid which can be heated to release vapors. In the case of conventional cigarettes there is combustion of tobacco and smoke is released. The vaping of liquids came as a suitable alternative that releases vapors instead of smoke. Therefore within very fewer time e-cigarettes became extremely popular in the world as legal restrictions to smoking in public places is not applicable for vaping devices in most areas.

The need for manufacturing non-addictive e-liquid

The sensation of vaping is quite pleasant for the respiratory organs as irritation from smoke is not caused. The vaping device is electronically charged and therefore can be used for a great number of puffs, but in the case of conventional cigarettes the number of puffs provided by a single cigarette is quite less. Having a vaping device is also convenient because then a person doesn’t have to visit the shop often for buying a pack of cigarettes. The rechargeable e-cigarettes can be used for a longer duration as the pods can be changed in the rechargeable version of e-cigarettes. Therefore it can be said that there are quite a few major benefits of vaping over conventional smoking.

The hazards which are caused by addiction

Addiction is a term which is used to define a health condition where a person develops an unhealthy dependence upon a particular type of compound. This can be a drug or any addictive element. The addiction is not caused within a short span of time but slowly escalates to the level of dependence when the person cannot stop the consumption of that drug or substance. It has also been observed that with time the amount of the addictive compound that is consumed increases exponentially. Overdoses of such addictive compounds can also lead to life-threatening situations. The prolonged use of addictive substances causes the impairment of internal organs and the deterioration of the overall health of the person. The problems increase when the person tries to leave the addiction behind as this leads to withdrawal which causes an excessive form of craving for the drug.

The need for non-addictive composition of vaping pods

There are different kinds of flavors which are used for preparing e-juices. Mostly for conventional cigarette smokers, the nicotine pods are made. In these pods, no tobacco is added. Instead, nicotine is present in measured quantities. The quantity of nicotine present is known to the person who is vaping the liquid but still uses of nicotine is considered dangerous as nicotine is also an addictive compound. Therefore the composition of vaping liquids was further refined by using compounds that shows no sign of addiction or induces no psychotropic effects. At a person can find non-addictive vaping pods that are made from superior quality CBD.

CBD which is derived from the hemp crop which is industrially grown is considered one such compound that has no psychoactive effect but eases a lot of symptoms related to pain and anxiety issues. The use of CBD in vaping pods is quite new, but the intake of CBD in the form of gums and lozenges is quite common. People have been taking CBD for lowering stress levels and decreasing the severity of anxiety induced symptoms. The overall positive result of CBD tinctures has been confirmed by scientific research, and so CBD is also used for vaping so that people can enjoy the sensation of conventional smoking without getting oneself into the dangerous habit of addiction.

The method in which CBD is extracted

There is a lot of confusion regarding cannabis and its use. Many individuals equate cannabis with marijuana. Marijuana is known for the extraction of THC which is a psychotropic drug. It causes the foggy sensation in one’s brain which in colloquial terms is known as getting high. However, this sensation also causes addiction and overdoses are potentially harmful. But all species of the cannabis family do not contain a high quantity of THC and species like hemp has a very low concentration of THC which is around 0.3%. Therefore hemp derivatives do not cause any psychotropic effect. The hemp plants also offer an extremely portent derivative which is known as CBD. This CBD is like a white kind of powder in its raw derived state. CBD is not associated with that well known high sensation caused by THC but has many benefits as it calms the nerves and decreases muscle inflammation. Joint pains and aches caused by psychosomatic problems are also adequately alleviated by the use of CBD. Therefore it is a far more popular compound that aids in keeping the stress and strain under control.

In most cases, CBD is extracted in two forms which include the refinement of the hemp-derived oil to acquire only pure CBD, and another is the oil forms which contain CBD and other compounds that are found in hemp. The derivative that has only CBD is called the isolate form, and the other one is known as CBD oil. Vaping devices usually use pure CBD so that the vapors that are inhaled contain only CBD. The vaping of CBD is possible by mixing the isolate CBD with an appropriate thinning liquid. If CBD is not mixed with a thinning liquid, then it won’t be possible to release the vapors by means of heating. Once the CBD juice gets heated the vapors are released which can be sucked from the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette.

Therefore, in multiple ways, vaping CBD is far safer for one’s health than the use of addictive compounds.


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