The secret to losing weight safely, properly, with high efficiency

secret to losing weight safely properly

The secret to losing weight safely, properly, with high efficiency


The golden principles of safe and effective weight loss. With effective weight loss, you can lose weight up to 5-7kg / month, while still maintaining a healthy and supple body. Here are the secret weight loss tips for everyone:

A lot of people think that just fasting, drinking vinegar, drinking lots of water, or going to the gym crazy until … exhausted, will lose weight, have a slim body without knowing that it is possible. I am going against my original desire, the anti-scientific effect on my health

To lose weight safely and effectively, you need to know the harmful effects of improper weight loss

  • Starch diet/fasting to lose weight: This is the most common mistake of overweight people wanting to get in shape. The body needs the energy to stay alive. Stop providing starch or fasting completely will affect memory, poor immune system, lower blood pressure, anemia, poor metabolism, weakness … even cause death.
  • Fasting for too long: can make you hallucinate, depressed, and your body is allergic, you may not want to eat anything even if your stomach is very hungry, you cannot eat after losing weight. what else, or sometimes the body turns into cravings for strange things such as wanting to eat earth, eat hair …
  • Drink lots of water: A scientific study published in March 2014 in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that water is not the key to weight loss. Even if you drink too much water, the body will gain weight because excess water builds up under the skin causing edema. Therefore, it is best to drink enough water, about 2-3 liters/day.
  • Sleepless to lose weight: Little sleep does not help with weight loss, but it also causes weight gain. A study by Stanford University confirmed that lack of sleep increases a hormone called ghrelin, which stimulates appetite. Therefore, people who sleep less often tend to overeat, meaning that more calories are absorbed into the body than necessary. Accordingly, the ideal for people who want to lose weight is a good night’s sleep and a full 7 hours/day.

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Exercise before going to bed or try to do sports that are not suitable for you, trying too hard to do harm to your body. In fact, from 20 hours onwards the body needs to rest, so it should not be exercised excessively, causing the biological disturbance. It is advisable to exercise in the morning because this is when the metabolism is fast, helping the body to drain energy from food faster throughout the day.

  • Use rapid weight loss pills, vinegar, or enema: Most of these drugs have the effect of stimulating sympathetic energy or causing dehydration, causing the user to lose weight in a short time. In fact, rapid weight loss pills are not recommended for use because it can cause many health dangers such as causing electrolyte imbalance, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, heart failure, kidney failure … even deadly.

So how to lose weight is no longer “impossible” suffering? What is the secret to losing weight? The golden principles of safe and effective weight loss. With effective weight loss, you can lose weight up to 5-7kg / month, while still maintaining a healthy and supple body. Here are the secret weight loss tips for everyone:

The secret to losing weight properly, safely, and effectively

– Knowing the harmful effects of improper weight loss, important precautions when losing weight

– Proper nutrition, food to help lose weight effectively

-Weight-loss diet: Enough calories for daily activities while still helping to reduce excess fat

– Exercise helps to reduce excess fat areas

– Effective weight loss pills accompany

– 6 things to avoid for safe weight loss

Proper nutrition: American scientists have recently confirmed that excess energy accumulated in the form of white fat is the “culprit” that causes overweight and obesity. Therefore, it is necessary to control eating accordingly to provide enough daily energy needs. For overweight people, cutting a portion of pastries, 1-2 cups of rice is very meaningful, but must ensure to provide the body from 1,400 – 1,600 Kcal/day, including four groups of starch, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Should strengthen green vegetables, fruits; limit fast food, fried foods, alcohol, beer, stimulants … According to research from Barcelona University experts, almonds, chestnuts, and walnuts are three foods that help increase the amount of serotonin in the muscle. Can reduce appetite and improve cardiovascular health as well as improve mood, thereby helping many people significantly reduce “overweight” belly, avoid the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Eating about 30 grams of these nuts a day can help you lose weight and belly fat.

Diet for people losing weight:

– Eat plenty of fresh green vegetables and fruits in the early morning and noon.

– Morning and noon should eat a bowl of porridge or 1 bowl of rice to provide energy for the working day, still eat foods such as normal meat, fish, eggs … but with a moderate diet, only eat until feeling no longer feel hungry and have the low stomach, should not eat full. This will give you energy for everything you do.

– In the evening or when hungry, eat a red apple, instead of something else that can keep you full for a long time and won’t go hungry.

– At the same time, take a small slice of ginseng every day to keep healthy, but should only use ginseng for 20 days, then stop using it, about 1 month after that, continue to use, and each use only for 20 days.

– Get enough 8 hours of sleep a day, don’t stay up too late, it won’t help you lose weight, it makes you hungry and easily eats a lot.

– Comfortable spirit.

Increased mobility: Exercise not only helps to consume excess energy but also improves overall health. Should do the right sport for 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week.

Using natural essences: Scientifically proven active ingredients will help you lose weight effectively and safely, unlike other floating, unknown weight loss pills. Not recommended for use. Some effective weight loss remedies from natural herbs and herbs

 – Lesson 1: Reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood by taking 20g of fresh lotus leaves, shredded, boiled in boiling water for 15 minutes, drink instead of tea.

 – Medicine 2: Mix chamomile, chrysanthemum, tamarind flower, each of 10g boiled water for 10 to 15 minutes into effective weight loss tea. This tea is suitable for patients with hypertension, blood lipid disorders.

– The remedy 3: 60g of black sesame, 60g of berries, 30g of rice soaked and crushed, and at the same time boil 3 bowls of water with 10g of white sugar until the sugar is dissolved, pour the mixture just crushed. This weight loss drink is suitable for people with high cholesterol.

6 things to avoid if you want to lose weight safely

1, Absolutely not eat a food

Everyone has a favorite and sometimes fast food. You do not have to remove the food from your diet. Banning yourself from eating something will only make you crave it more. It is best to allow yourself to eat your favorite food in moderation. If you are sure you will eat an entire box of biscuits, buy just one. When eating, eat slowly and slowly to feel the taste.

2, Save sleep

Sleep affects eating habits. When you are sleepy, you can eat without noticing what you are eating and whether the food is healthy or not. Lack of sleep is one of the leading causes of upset eating. The advice is getting enough sleep, which will be beneficial for all aspects of your life.

3, Diet bluff

Did you know that eating just one piece of cheese a day will help you lose 3 pounds? Do you force yourself to imitate everyone at the agency that implements a body cleansing regime with vegetable water? Do not follow the trend. Strict diets are not healthy. They even slow down your metabolism and can cause you to gain weight again. If a diet makes you feel hungry, that’s not the right choice at all.

4, Get drunk

Alcohol makes you eat more. To limit this, don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach, control your alcohol intake, and prepare healthy snacks in the refrigerator in case you want to eat more.

5, Skip meals

Numerous individuals think that skipping suppers may be a great way to lose weight. They believe that skipping lunch and eating dinner will greatly limit calories. However, the truth is not that. The hunger hormone ghrelin and the satiety hormone leptin work best when you eat it every 4 hours. If not, they will have the opposite effect and make you compensate. Try to plan your meals, especially on busy days.

6, Eat low-fat foods

Fat is not your enemy. We need fat to maintain satiety. Not eating fat will make you even more hungry and overeat. Low-fat versions of some foods also make the number of nutrients you can absorb less. Eliminating fat in dairy foods also prevents the body from receiving important vitamins like A, D, and even calcium.

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