Things To Keep In Mind Before Booking A Venue

Are you looking for a venue for your special event? Are you unsure as to how to book the right one? Don’t worry; we got you! There are various responsibilities when it comes to planning an event. You have to make sure all the things are taken care of, and nothing goes out of control. One such colossal responsibility is the venue. A venue can make or break the first impression of your event. It’s something that just has to go perfectly with the vibe of your event. To make sure you lock in the right venue, we have curated a list of things to keep in mind before you make the decision. Have a look.

If the venue is spacious enough

First and foremost thing you should check before booking a venue is the venue capacity. Check if they can provide you with adequate space keeping your guest list in mind. Nothing is worse than a venue that is too small for the number of guests you are expecting because then the room starts to get stuffy and people tend to leave early in that case. In the case of reception venues, the place should be large enough to fit in all the guests and still have a dance floor sufficient to accommodate all the guests.

What are the services provided by them

Ask the person in charge to inform you about the kind of services they provide. Do they recommend vendors or they are responsible only for the venue? Some venues provide you with the services of caterers included in their price tag, look for venues of such kind so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring a caterer. Not just that but if you are looking for a  reception venue, make sure you ask them about their music system and if they can recommend a DJ for your night long celebrations.

How the place lights up at night

If your event is going to take place at night, then make sure you check the brightness of the venue at night to give you a full preview of how your event is going to look like. It is imperative to know beforehand if the venue can come close to how you envisioned your event to be. Not just wedding receptions, but it is also essential for meeting spaces. For meeting spaces, the venue should not be too flashy or too loud. So make choices accordingly.

Pricing and availability

After you have checked for all your requirements, the next thing to check for is the pricing system and their availability. Check whether they are available according to your date, if they are, have complete information about their pricing system. Some venues have hidden charges for their services, make sure any of it doesn’t dupe you. Ask relevant questions like what are their preferred mode of receiving payments and how flexible are their timings if you do find a need to avail it. And then make the decisions accordingly.