Things To Keep in Mind While Buying a Submersible Pump

Things To Keep in Mind While Buying a Submersible Pump

There is no use in owning a fountain if it does not get attention for maintenance on a periodic basis. When outside the house, the fountain is usually beneath the pond. Such submersible pumps are able to regulate the rate of water being sent to the fountain pump per minute. Only regular maintenance will ensure that the pump lasts for a very long time.

What size of pump will be suitable for a particular type of fountain?

The best fountain pond pump is the one which is 1.5 times the head height of the fountain. To make it lost for a long time, it is a good idea to keep the pump on all the time, for optimal functionality and performance. Instead of this, it is a bad idea to keep switching the pump on and off during the initial days.

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Does the fountain pump use a lot of electricity?

In most cases, the fountain pump draws the same amount of electricity as a small lamp. In other words, there won’t be much of a difference in your electricity bill after its installation and usage. Apart from regular fountains, there are also solar fountains which operate on solar energy, and do not need regular electricity supply to operate. However, these do not function once solar light is not available.

Important terms to describe fountain pumps

Pressure- It is used to illustrate the force with which water is pumped up. The standard unit to measure pressure is a bar, though another way of doing so is as per number of meters of water column (mWC). Here, 10 mWC= 1 bar

Flow rate- It describes the amount of water that can be pumped over a specific period of time. Different ways of expressing this unit are number of liters per minute (l/min) and cubic meters per hour (m3/h).

Suction head- Also called as a static lift, this is able to state the depth of water that can be successfully pumped by a submersible pump, or even by a surface pump.

Discharge head- It is expressed to denote the maximum height that the discharge pipe can reach after the pump. It is denoted in terms of the number of meters.

Total Dynamic Head (TDH)- When the sum of the suction head and the discharge head is subtracted from friction losses (pressure losses caused by length of bends, pipes, etc.), it is known as TDH.

Water quality- Every pump or motor is designed to handle specific types of water and a compromise on quality could severely damage it in the long term. According to the size of particles it, water quality can be classified into three types:

  • Grey water- This has suspended solids up to 20 mm in size
  • Black water- Suspended solids are bigger here, up to 25 mm
  • Clean water- This has suspended solids smaller than 5 mm in size

Various advantages of submersible pumps

  • They are very efficient since they have to spend minimum energy to send water to the pump
  • By virtue of being in the water already, they do not have to be primed
  • Submersible pumps operate with minimum noise
  • While some of them can handle solids, there are others which are suitable for liquids
  • Cavitation never appears as a problem since a spike in pressure is never experienced, as liquid goes through the pump

Despite these advantages, there are a handful of disadvantages of water pumps. These include:

  • They tend to corrode pretty fast
  • One pump is not suitable to meet all the needs

Some of the characteristics of the best pumps are as follows:

  • They need to be budget friendly in order to generate suitable demand. People can really use these beautify their existing gardens or home exteriors at an affordable rate.
  • Fountain pumps bought from a reputed company must be user friendly. If a person faces too much trouble in using it, he or she or simply return it for a better one. Individuals want products that can help them complete chores easily, and not complicate them further.

Top tips for pump maintenance

The pump must be used properly to prolong its life. While switched on, the submersible pump must always be submerged in water for best results. While installing it, if you found debris, grit and dirt on the unit, you must ensure that these are removed. In addition to this, it is important to keep the water pump running for as long a duration as possible.

Always ensure that you get all the important details about the pump that you are thinking of buying for yourself. On company websites, you will find all the necessary information with regards to the pump. You must purchase the fountain pump from a reputed company, to ensure you get the best product for yourself.

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