Three Types of T-shirt Printing Method That You Must Know Before Making A Purchase

There’s no denial in saying that custom t-shirt printing has become quite popular over the last few years. It provides businesses with an ideal and cost-effective marketing opportunity to build their brand. After all, every business has a limited budget to fulfil its marketing purposes. Within this limited budget, everyone is trying to make the best impact on the market. So, a cost-effective advertising tool like custom t-shirts is garnering popularity all over the business world. There are several uses of custom t-shirts. Businesses can use it for giveaway programs, events, or for their employee uniform. The best part of customized t-shirts is that it provides the freedom to choose the graphics, the typography, and the words to be displayed on the t-shirts.

Businesses embed their brand logo and taglines on these t-shirts to make an effective impact on the customers. Customized t-shirts help a business to boost their marketing doesn’t necessarily mean that one can use any t-shirt and make the same impact. There are a few factors that need to be considered to yield the best results. One such important factor is to choose the ideal printing method for the t-shirts. After all, the quality of the print will determine the brand’s success in the long run. Therefore, one must meticulously choose their t-shirt printing method before purchasing their customized t-shirts. Let’s take a look at the number of t-shirt printing methods available and how one should choose a suitable one,

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Screen Printing Method

Screen printing is one of the common and latest printing methods available when it comes to t-shirt printing. Many reputed professionals rely on this method of printing as it provides a decent design replication. Screen printing is also known as the silkscreen printing method. The method requires a stencil or a template and a mesh to hold the stencil. Usually, this mesh is made from synthetic materials and there’s a pre-process for the mesh before the printing starts to attain a clean area. Then, the ink is spilled over this mesh and press with a squeegee. This is to ensure the area is covered equally. If there’s any excess ink left on the t-shirt, one can simply wipe it away. There’s no need to worry about it. The process of screen printing ensures that the exact design that one chooses is replicated on the shirt. The method provides high-quality results yet it’s not ideal for all. Businesses need to careful when they purchase printed shirts online. This printing method is best suited for those who are producing the same t-shirts in mass quantity. This is why the large-sized companies rely on the screen printing method for all their bulk production. Businesses that want a more complex design to be printed on their t-shirts should opt for another method, not screen printing. However, it’s great for printing large quantity t-shirts.

Transfer Printing Method

Transfer printing uses a high temperature and heat inks on clothes to create a design. Due to the hard printing quality, it adds an excellent contrast to the fabrics. Besides, providing the washing durability, the transfer printing method adds strength to the fabric material. The process involves laying transfer material’s sheets on the top of the clothes. Then heat is applied to print the custom graphics to the clothes. This graphic is printed digitally on heat transfer paper before the printing process starts. Generally, the experts use solvent ink to print the graphic digitally. It’s because it makes it easier to transfer the graphic from the paper to the t-shirt using a heat press machine. However, people need to choose the fabric type carefully as they choose the t-shirt sizing and printing methods. It’s because the fabric type will determine how much maintenance the t-shirt will need to keep up the quality of the graphic work.

The Vinyl Cutting Method

The cut and print or the vinyl cutting method is another popular printing method available. This process involves a precise cutting method of the materials. Then the pattern is applied to the clothes. Businesses that want to produce t-shirts in large or small quantities can opt for this vinyl cutting method. Ideally, the vinyl cutting method is used for printing brand logos on the t-shirts. The sports industries in particular use this vinyl cutting method to print their t-shirts. One can use multiple colours to print a colourful graphic on the t-shirts to make them look attractive and vibrant. Also, this is probably an ideal alternative to the screen printing method. The simple and fast process can provide a durable print on the t-shirts. These are the few types of printing methods one must consider before buying customized t-shirts.

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