Thyroid healthy foods-Eat Foods that Make Your Thyroid Healthy!

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Eat Foods that Makes Your Thyroid Healthy!

  Maybe you are now asking like “What’s wrong with her?can diet affects thyroid function ?What’s with healthy thyroid anyway?Can diet affect thyroid function?”, am I right? If that is the case then to tell you honesty, our thyroid is part of our endocrine system and not just a simple part but actually one of the most important part. Endocrine system is the one responsible in maintaining body’s homeostasis. Our thyroid glands create hormones that may affect our energy level, weight, digestion, fertility etc. Meaning it can make us feel like on the top of the world or else make us feel like all the problems are on our shoulders. So, undeniably we want to feel free, smooth, light and positive and it is not impossible if and only if we know how to make our thyroid healthy. In addition, there are these certain foods that can help our thyroid to function on its peak performance. Curious about these foods? Well, to help you, here are these foods that can boost and nourish your thyroid! Just try them and you’ll be feeling better and better in just a couple of times.

thyroid healthy foods

Ola Coconut!

One of the best foods that can really make our thyroid healthy is none other than coconut and you know what’s awesome here? All forms of this fruit are excellent when it comes to our thyroid especially the coconut oil. The reason behind this is that this fruit contains lot of antibacterial, antiviral and many other healing nutrients that make our metabolism on its peak and heal our entire body. Lauric and capryllic acid are both make help our thyroid perfectly functional and at the same time healthy. Make it a habit to add coconut in your every day meal like coconut oil, coconut flour, unsweetened shredded coconut etc and enjoy a healthy thyroid.


If you need to make your thyroid healthy, then salmon must always be on your grocery list! Actually, salmon can be one of the best foods that you can eat. This food is packed with amino acid complex, B Vitamins and omega 3 fatty acid, which is why salmon is one of the top foods for our thyroid. Always remember that our thyroid needs healthy fats to be efficient so salmon’s healthy fats can be the best solution! Did you know that these healthy fats can help us when it comes to weight loss, fighting depression, avoiding heart disease and of course thyroid disease? In addition, avoid eating too much soy, legumes and grains because it can harm your thyroid and be sure to eat plenty of salmon instead!

Hemp Seeds

You can also add hemp seeds on your list because it can really help our thyroid! It is because these seeds contain all essential non-essential amino acids, zinc, copper, omega 3 fats, magnesium, manganese and iron which are all important to our thyroid to function at its best. Also, hemp seeds contain alkaline that can prevent inflammation, and at the same time high fiber for the regularities. Adding these seeds to your diet can really make a great difference in our mood, weight and of course energy levels.


Another excellent things that chocolate do for us is to make our thyroid healthy! It is because these delicious sweets are rich in specific nutrients composition that can repair our metabolism, mental function, heart condition and of course thyroid. One of the best forms of chocolate that can really help you in terms of this issue is none other than cacao. This cacao is rich in zinc, magnesium, copper and iron compare to other food. Here in the Philippines, we use cacao to in cooking champorado. Champorado is one of the all-time favorite breakfasts of kids and adults!  So, to prevent stress and make our thyroid healthy better add cacao on your grocery list!

Shrimp and Crab

Shrimp and crab are actually a number one source of iodine, amino acids, zinc and selenium which are all help our thyroid to work at its best function. However, all shellfish is actually an excellent food for our thyroid but these two are the best! Make sure that you are not allergy with these foods before deciding adding them to your meals! It would be nice to be sure and safe! So, what are you waiting for? You can also try our REH Herbal products that can surely help you to keep not only your thyroid healthy but also you as a whole! Just visit us at REH Herbal Medicine! Start making your thyroid healthy to enjoy a healthier life and at the same time to prevent those diseases that involve our thyroid like thyroid cancer, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroiditis, etc! So, what are you waiting for? Ensure your thyroid’s great health and eat shrimp, crab, coconut, salmon, hemp seeds, and cacao rich foods!

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