Saratoga Open House Ideas & Tips For A Fast Home Sale

Sarasota association of realtors Open House Ideas Tips For A Fast Home Sale

If you have come to a decision to sell your home but are worried that it won’t sell as quickly as you would like it to read some of the tips below. They are designed to guide you in the right direction to getting more viewings and a faster sale.
The first tip is to put your home up for sale on a Friday. This may seem a bit odd however it has been proven by the real estate company ‘Redfin’ that homes put on the market this day sell faster than most.
They are in fact almost guaranteed to sell within 81 days of being on the market at a price close to or an exact match to the asking price.
The next thing I’m guessing you are worried about is that you put your home up for sale on a different day of the week. Not to worry, if you continue to follow the tips below your property should sell just as well. 

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The next tip is to put your property up for sale in April as they often sell much closer to their asking price. There is a 99.2 percent sale price in the summer compared to a 97.3 percent sale price in the winter.
In order to price your home yourself you will need to understand the going rate for properties in your area whilst looking at factors of your own home that may increase the price or lower it. Make sure that you price your property at a competitive rate rather than one below the markets asking price.


Before putting up any photos of your home it is important to make sure that they are professional and of the best quality.
Try to include photos of the front of the property, the master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and front room. Most buyers will go and view a property based on the images they can look at onlin
e. A photo of the home taken in the summeling.
 r gives off the impression that it is larger and brighter making it more appea
Finally you should aim to remove from sight any clutter in your home so that buyers can visualise themselves living there. Clutter can often be distracting and put people off a property.

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It doesn’t necessarily have to be like a show room but it should be clean and tidy. You can however if you want to pay for your home to be professionally staged where a company will come in and fill it with all of the latest trends and designs. A pricey operation that most probably doesn’t need doing if you follow the above steps.  
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Katy writes for Quick Cash For House where she puts all of her time into discovering ways in which people can sell their property as quickly as possible.

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