Tips for choosing Bedsheets

Tips for choosing Bedsheets

Tips for choosing Bedsheets


If I ask a question that what is the most relaxed or comfortable place in your house? You definitely say ‘your bedroom’. Your bed is the most essential place to give surety that you have a comfortable haven from everything else. You should go to bed at night knowing you’ll get a wonderful night’s sleep to prepare you for the next day for your office, college, or anything else. 

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Your sheets are most important to creating the perfect sleep atmosphere, but you should know which kind of sheets are the best for you. It is necessary to first know what types of options are available in the market for your comfort. When you buy sheets, you have to go through material types, thread counts, cooling properties, elasticity, and more to decide what’s going to work best for you.


Choosing of bed sheets is just a matter of taste. There are various materials available in the market. The options are Egyptian cotton, American Upland, Flannel, Percale, Sateen, and, many more but if you want something soft, lightweight, and gives your bedroom a fresh and beautiful, then you can order bamboo rayon sheets. Bamboo sheets are extremely eco friendly; it is very general to see bamboo sheets labeled as 100% Rayon (or Viscose) from Bamboo. This means the sheets are a rayon material that is resulting from the bamboo plant. 


Below are the basic details of comfortable and affordable bed sheets: 

  • Thread Count: Thread count is a suggestion of quality. A higher thread count generally means a softer bed sheet. If you like a soft, warm, bed, a great flexible jersey sheet might suit your taste.
  • Cotton: Cotton is the best quality and most expensive. Generally in every house, one of the bed sheets would be a cotton sheet. But you should know the different categories in which the quality of cotton is rated, including thread count, weave, and staple length, etc.
  • Egyptian cotton:Egyptian cotton sheets are breathable and long-lasting. This is the top quality of cotton is available in sheets and it can be expensive, generally, they made with an extra-long staple. Expect supple softness and incredible durability.
  • Pima or Supima cotton: Supima is the trademark name for American Pima cotton. They are the medium-to-extra-long staple fibers material, are known for their softness and shine, and are slightly more affordable than Egyptian cotton.
  • American Upland: If the label just shows ‘100% cotton,’ this is likely the type. Short staple cotton is rougher than the costly cotton sheets but also the most common fabric. They are durable but they do not give that luxurious feel most of the time.
  • Weaves: They are generally basic sheets with the same quantity of threads in the weft and warp. These tend to be low thread count and a quite reasonable price. Generally, they prefer weaves are percale and sateen.
  • Percale: This is referred to as a ‘plain’ weave, and it’s usually used for higher quality cotton that is combed and then woven tightly, giving it a softer feel and smoother finish.
  • Sateen: It has a softer, silkier feel as compared to cotton sheets made from a plain or standard weave. When you are buying sheets, keep in your mind the type of thread count, the fabric weave, and ultimately, what feels great beside your skin. It aims to merge the smooth, luxurious feel of satin with strength and durability.
  • Flannel: Flannel can be carded wool or cotton, its considered best from other cotton weaves because it feels like warmer and better for cold winter nights. 
  • Bamboo rayon sheet: The most familiar ones you will see are labeled rayon or viscose from bamboo; these sheets are soft and cooling. Order Bamboo rayon sheets as they are the most eco-friendly option, naturally anti-bacterial, and good for those people with sensitive skin. The fabric is derived from fast-growing, sustainable bamboo plants, and the best bamboo sheets are super suppling, breathable, and highly durable. 
  • Silk: If you want to sleep in a cool place, there is no better option than silk. It is also hygienic so if you have skin problems that disturb you night and day, silk might help you reduce the symptoms while you sleep.


The bedsheets are a rectangular piece of cloth. In the market, a variety of sizes, colors, and materials with different prints are available. The most ordinary sheet comes from merging cotton and polyester. Cotton provides a soft hand, while polyester adds durability and rumple resistance. 


Choosing a bed sheet is a difficult task for some of us. There are people who can are not comfortable with the type of bed sheet they sleep on; there is a lot to consider. You should also see that apart from being beautiful, it also matches your interiors really well.