Tips For Choosing Freight Forwarding Software

The freight forwarding process involves the planning and coordinating the flow and transport of commodities across international borders. However, freight forwarding is not limited to this movement of goods or services. Other essential tasks, such as warehouse planning, cargo insurance supply, and customs brokerage, are also involved in this process.

The freight forwarding market has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. Most businesses hire intermediaries to transfer the export products to end customers seamlessly. This is where the freight forwarders step in. Companies hire these specialists for transportation services. The global freight forwarding market is expected to grow steadily with a CAGR of more than 4% between 2021-2026.

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To revitalize the freight forwarding business system for better scalability, and optimum productivity, freight forwarding software provides the best solution. It helps to standardize and seamlessly organize the digital logistics in the air freight, ocean freight, and customs business. The best freight software can be integrated with the ERP software or warehouse management system to manage freight forwarding, trucking, warehousing, imports, and exports. It aims to synchronize complicated logistics processes from the point of origin to that of the final destination.

However, choosing the best freight forwarding software can be a daunting task. Here a few tips for selecting the best software solution for your business.

· User-friendly

Freight forwarders need to choose a freight forwarding software that has a friendly user interface. The software should not take more time to implement, and the workforce should be able to grasp its functionalities quickly. A user-friendly platform will help the freight team to establish a seamless supply chain management and freight forwarding system within your organization. The employee can easily pick up an intuitive UI. A tutorial process can be set up that sets the new users up for success.

· Remote Access

A cloud-based freight forwarding software gives freight forwards greater flexibility in conducting the business from any location. The logistics team can use this software and collaborate in real-time to view, manage, and control the CRM, quotes, documents, shipments, accounting, and management. Cloud computing allows the forwarders to connect to their business anywhere, any time. An enhanced collaboration efficiency gives your business the facility to communicate and share more efficiently. Cloud services will help your business to scale up its productivity.

· Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone of almost all industries. Similarly, for the freight forwarding business, customer support service is essential for retention and attracting new customers. The software system you choose should have a portal that will quickly contact the service agents. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can be deployed to provide 24/7 assistance to the customers.

· Accounting Software

Invoice management and financial automation will increase the efficiency of the freight forwarding business. The software that can generate customizable invoices and keep track of the previous invoices will help the business manage and organize the logistics procedure. The previous invoices can be categorized and maintained under a separate file within the software for easy access. The current invoices can be stored in a digital filing cabinet to allow the financial team to mark the invoices as paid quickly. This will also help to track unpaid invoices, allowing an easy generation of receipts.

· Quick Quoting

A freight quote estimates the shipping costs based on the product, including weight, dimensions, type of product being imported, and other factors. A freight forwarding business needs to organize the quote leads. The software you choose should have the capability to streamline quoting. This feature will help your business by improving customer retention capacity.

· Analytics

A freight forwarding software with the profit and loss analytics tool will give you a holistic view of your business. Data analytics that helps analyze and interpret the historical and the current data trends will help the company make better decisions. Advanced analytics will help the freight forwarders to focus on specific aspects that target managing shipment expenses, along with profit and loss numbers.

· Improved Productivity

A freight forwarding software will capture the leads from the various sources on one system. Based on the information that is collected, the system administrators can qualify the leads. The software can capture customer visits along with the follow-up details. The software will help the freight forwarding team to handle quote negotiations and create different versions of quotes. The freight forwarding personnel can generate an order quickly after the customer approves the product for purchase. The software can provide the best solution to enable customers to makes purchases based on their needs.

To Conclude:

The right freight forwarding software system will help your business evolve by providing a platform for data analytics and organising the workflow. An easy UI and scalable software features to onboard new customers quickly and efficiently will improve your business’s growth strategy.

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