Tips for Traveling with a Baby Under 1 Year Old

Tips for Traveling with a Baby Under 1 Year Old


Tips for Traveling with a Baby Under 1 Year Old

The euphoria and childbirth labor has worn off, and now you’re wanderlusting afresh. You’re probably wondering whether you can travel with a months-old baby?

Chances are you’re a little scared, freaked out, and too drained to even put the trip together. But, you’re still wondering whether it is possible to travel with your one-year-old, or if it’s just a daydream.


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Our answer to that question is yes, and you can travel with an infant under one year. Matter of fact, a baby under one year, is easier to travel with than older kids.

It may sound ridiculous considering all the feeding, diaper changing, and sleep routines that toddlers need. But, we all know that babies have a way of just slipping into our lives.

Like every parent will tell you, parenting is hard despite the age or where you are, so you might just start traveling and filling up those beautiful moments in between with incredible memories while the babies are still young.

Advantages of Traveling with a Baby

  •         If you’re breastfeeding, you can easily feed them
  •         All they do is sleep and eat
  •         You can travel with 1 year for free
  •         They are easily portable so you can easily take them anywhere
  •         They are happy to come along and have no opinion

Disadvantages of Traveling with a Baby

  •         A lack of schedule and routine could upset the baby
  •         They’re still too much luggage
  •         If they get any discomfort or sickly, you’re likely to freak out
  •         Chances of arriving with an unsettled baby are high
  •         They need a lot of extra stuff like baby food and nappies

Things to Consider Before Traveling with a Baby Under 1 Year

Your Infant’s Personality

Even though babies seem so cute and snuggly, they have different personalities. With time, you get to learn your baby’s personality.

If your baby loves to hang out with you all day and has a relaxed temperament, traveling might work for them. If your baby likes a bit of routine and structure or they’re always a bit cranky, they might not be suited for traveling at this age.

And sometimes, the experience is the best teacher, so you just have to give it a go and find out what works and what doesn’t.

Your Personality

You should also consider your personality, as well. If you’re structures, anxious, or extra cautious, then traveling is probably not your forte, and traveling with a baby under one year old could not be suited for you.

If this is you, we recommend that you start off slow. Start with short trips and test how you and the baby enjoy it. The last thing you should do is put your energy, time, and money into a travel experience only to hate it.

The Ideal Destination for Your Baby

Babies under one year old can’t just visit anywhere. When traveling with a baby this age, there’s a lot you need to manage first. It is crucial to choose your destination carefully.

Obviously, for a baby, this young, some destinations are more ideal than others. Choose the destination that favors your baby and one that will be easy for you as well.


Before you can even travel with a baby this young, you should make sure that you are of optimal health. Outside sleep deprivation, make sure that everything else is okay before you start the trip.

If you’re tired, consider the style you want to travel in. We recommend opting for resort stays, organized tours, or easy maintenance travel in this case. Never take up more than you can manage.


The good news about traveling with a toddler is that you need much room for their clothes because they are so small. With a baby this young, what you need the most is diapers, baby seats, and strollers. Make sure the stroller is safe yet comfortable for them

It is easy to carry luggage around on a road trip because you can bring whatever you feel you’ll need on the trip. Hence, consider your luggage based on the type of trip you’re taking.


You can travel with a baby whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding them. Breastfeeding is always easier because finding the right formula could be a challenge depending on where you are.

Before traveling, research ahead. Taking your own formula is extra luggage, but you can always do that if you have enough space. You can also just travel to places where it’s easy to access baby formula.

Tips for Successful Baby Travel

Always Prepare as Per The Climate

Always prepare your travel as per the destination’s climate. If the destination you’re traveling to is hot, bring t-shirts and shorts. But, if the destination is cold, bring warm clothes.

You also need to think about when you have to or might need to travel from a warm climate to a cold climate and vice versa.

Make sure the baby’s clothing is right for the climate, and you have the proper shoes as well. If the destination is warm, make sure to carry a sun hat and sun protecting swimsuit.

Slow Down

In an effort to make the trip successful for you and your toddler, you may forget one crucial thing- slowing down!

Understand that things are different now. Rather than trying to replicate how you traveled before the baby came, try slowing down instead of squeezing sightseeing and too many activities into a single day.

Plan your adventure or significant activity in the morning when both you and the baby are fresh and recharges. Break up the day with activities you intend to participate in and spend quiet time at the hotel before venturing out into another activity.

Take a bath, go for a swim, or just roll on the grass- you don’t have to do everything in one day.

Schedule More Time on Travel Days

To make sure you can quickly slow down, give yourself more time on the days you intend to travel. Clearing airport security takes longer, so plan for that.

Getting ready in the mornings takes long as well, plan for that too. The last thing you need is to put yourself in a position where you feel rushed continuously, and this only brings unnecessary stress to your travel.

The most enjoyable travel experience with a one-year-old is one that you’ve set proper expectations for each day you’ll be on the trip.

Stay Cool and Ask for Help When You Need It

As with most parents, your anxiety levels could rise the moment your baby gets cranky and irritable. However, some parents fail to ask for help because they are afraid of disturbing other people on the plane.

The truth of the matter is, babies are bound to cry at some point. Asking for help is always easier than done, but you should focus too much on worrying about what other passengers think. At some point, crying could most likely happen. Hence you should expect and be ready for it.

Expect that they’re passengers who hate flying with babies, ignore their angry faces. Let them give you those angry stares for as long as they want, and when things get tough, smile and take a deep breath.

You could run into a few frustrations here and there- take care of how you react to them. There is a good chance that your toddler will associate traveling with how the parents react.

Even when you freak out, take care not to show it. With time, your baby will get better with each flight or road trip. Remember that most passengers are also parents, and they are willing to give you a hand as long as you ask for help.

Never Wait to Feed the Baby

Some people advocate holding off feeding the baby until before the plane lifts off. However, waiting to feed your baby is never a good idea.

You should always feed your baby whenever he or she is hungry, irrespective of what the circumstances are. When babies are hungry, they get cranky, as well. If you deliberately refuse to feed them, they get angry and irritable. When they’re irritable, they start to cry and get all worked up, which won’t be pretty, especially when stuck on a flight.

The white noise the plane makes, and the cabin air pressure are enough to put the baby to sleep, so don’t create unnecessary drama by refusing to feed the baby.

Every toddler is different, hence always do whatever keeps your baby calm. Your baby is more likely to sleep when calm and comfortable.

Embrace Nap Time

At this point, your daily activities probably revolve around nap times. It is essential to stick with your baby’s nap routine even when you’re traveling, especially when dealing with baby jet lag.

The nap time is not always ideal, and it could require you to sacrifice some sightseeing or activities, but a cranky and tired baby will be no fun.

You can schedule your flight or drive during your baby’s routine nap time because the likelihood of the baby sleeping is so much higher. Hence, when booking flights, keep nap times in mind.


Embrace everything that comes with traveling with a baby under one year. Your baby will be a baby only once, enjoy and embrace these precious moments while they last. Visit childmode to learn more about this.