Tips for uploading podcast to Spotify: Things to know

Podcasting is a fantastic way to build an audience and gain authority. However, simply uploading your episodes to your website isn’t enough if you want to broaden your audience. You must send your podcast to several directories like Spotify. Spotify is one of the fast-growing platforms among podcasters. This giant streaming music platform is popularity similar to iTunes. It may have been difficult to reveal the beta program for Spotify over the last two years, but the good news may have been that they have now begun accommodation for all podcasts because of the strong public demand. There are millions of listeners in Spotify (including non-Apple podcasters), so you certainly want to be in one podcast directory. This is the guide for uploading podcast to Spotify.

How to Submit A Podcast to Spotify?

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The majority of podcast directories are identical, and Spotify doesn’t change anything. The fundamental method is to register for an account, apply your RSS feed, and then wait for your approval.

We have a checklist of the criteria before submitting your podcast to help you navigate the Spotify podcast submission process. Follow our guide for uploading podcast to Spotify.

Step 1: Get ready for uploading your Podcast.

You will first need to create a podcast definition and choose the appropriate podcast format to start podcasting. You can then install a podcast recording app, complete your podcasting gear, record and edit your podcast, and complete your information on your file (including metadata and cover photo) before you have to post it on a podcasting host.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to prepare at least three (3) podcast audio files that can be published simultaneously for the podcaster who wants to promote their podcast and make money from it. This will allow your new listeners to learn more about you and your show, so they encourage podcasts to download and subscribe.

Step 2: Choose a hosting company from Podcast

The next move is to determine where to host your Podcast until your podcasts have all been ready to be uploaded.

The best way to determine which one is for you is to investigate and offer more about them, particularly because they are not free. However, before deciding on the cheapest possible alternative, you might want to consider the long-term needs (like storage and usability).

Also, most Spotify apps/sites do not actually store podcast files. Hosts are, and they can alert you with only a few clicks to several podcast players.

Step 3: Submit Your Podcast Through Your Host

Rather than adding your RSS feed to Spotify as you would for other directories, you can now add podcasts to Spotify directly through your preferred host.

Step 4: Hold your breath and wait for the approval.

Your host, not Spotify, will notify you about the status of your podcast submission. If they don’t, you can either wait 2-5 days for them to approve your show or check for it on Spotify before it appears. You’ll want to get ahead of your listeners so you can make sure the specifics on the app are exactly how you want them to be.

Step 5: Send your Spotify link to your friends

Helping your show gain listeners is one way to make the most of its Spotify presence. Grab the direct connection to your podcast (from the Spotify desktop page or smartphone app) and post it on your social media accounts with your friends, family, and followers. Make this a habit with any show you post, and you’ll reap the rewards of a much larger audience.

Is it possible to listen to podcasts on Spotify for free?

Using the steps outlined above for uploading podcast to Spotify, Spotify will provide your podcast for free. It’s close to other podcasting apps and websites in this respect. Of course, you’ll need a podcast host, but there are plenty of free options available. You’ll also have access to listener numbers, demographics, and other info.

Listeners can also use Spotify for free. Podcasts are available to anyone with a free Spotify account. However, just as with songs and albums, they’ll need a Premium account to download podcasts for offline listening.

Before you upload your podcast, there are a few things you should know.

You won’t upload your podcast to Spotify if it includes copyrighted content that you don’t have permission to use. Before uploading your podcasts, familiarize yourself with the term “Podsafe” to ensure that your show adheres to these guidelines.

Keep in mind that Podsafe mostly applies to music, but you can also stop using copyrighted images as cover art. If you can’t use your own images, make sure to use Creative Commons content or buy stock photos or artwork from the internet.


If you’re a newbie or a professional podcaster, your episodes must be uploaded to Spotify. It’s easy to submit your podcast to the website. However, you must have correct details and choose the necessary categories.

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