Tips to Maintain Your Pond Through Seasons

Tips to Maintain Your Pond Through Seasons

A garden pond can be adorned with a lot of things but nothing beats the beauty and glamour of a fountain. You can easily find plenty of designs in different styles, shapes, and sizes, that will fit all kinds of garden spaces.

However, as stunning as a pond and water fountain combination looks, it requires maintenance through the seasons. So before, you Order Pond Fountains for your garden, make sure you are ready to commit to its all-year round maintenance schedule.

This article will guide you about its upkeep through the seasons to keep it functioning seamlessly. Without these steps and proper filtration system, you will not be able to introduce correct balance of plants to keep your water clean and free from all grime.

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That being said, here are some useful tips to help you maintain your fountain and your pond through summer, fall, and winter seasons.

Pond Maintenance tips for Summer

According to experts, it is advisable to not conduct any maintenance through spring as it is the thriving season for the plant and animal life. It is also advisable to leave any vegetation you removed by the side of the pond to allow the invertebrates to crawl back into the water.

However, when the summer arrives, you must check for water level that may quickly evaporate in the summer heat. Ideally, you should do rainwater harvesting and supplement the water levels using that water. But, if you have only tap water available, then let it sit for at least 24 hours before adding to the pond. This will allow all the harmful chemicals such as chlorine to evaporate.

Additionally, you should also check for decaying vegetation and clear it from the pond. Not doing that will increase the nitrogen levels, turning the water into an unsightly green colour. You should also remove all the pond algae that quickly spreads and chokes the plant life. You can either do it by hand or use a bamboo cane.

Pond Maintenance tips for Fall

Fall season means that lot of dead leaves will fall into the water. So start by skimming these leaves. It is important to clear your pond of all the floating debris that can clog and choke the water life. You can also cover the pond with plastic netting to catch the leaves before they fall into the water.

You need to take greater precautions if you have a fish pond. This will allow your fishes to survive the seasons. As the water temperature drops in the cooler seasons, you should feed your fishes less as their metabolism is slowest during this time.

Most importantly, do not allow organic waste to decompose in the pond. These waste materials can produce toxic gases that can be trapped in the pond if it remains covered with dead leaves. Therefore, it is important to clear the pond surface of all debris and ice build-up to allow these gases to escape.

Pond Maintenance tips for Winter

The slow metabolism of fish and absence of plants means they are more susceptible to attack by the birds and other animals. So, if you have covered your pond with a plastic netting, then it should also protect your fish.

But you should not only take care of your fish, but also the plant life that requires special care during winter season. When the fall begins, stop feeding the plants immediately. Remove all dead or dying leaves and place the plant deep inside the pond to prevent the roots from freezing in the winter.

Depending on your climate, you may also want to run your pump and filter through the winter. While the bacteria in your pump filter will not be active during low temperatures, it will stay alive as far as you keep feeding it with oxygenated water. So, when the spring arrives and the water temperature rises, the bacteria can start working immediately and make it ready for the fish and plants to thrive.

Fountain Maintenance Tips

Now that your pump is taken care of, here are some fountain maintenance tips that you must also keep in mind to keep it functional through the seasons.

– Wipe the bowl: Avoid the unsightly build-up by wiping the fountain bowl on a regular basis. First drain your fountain then wipe the inner bowl using non-abrasive cloth.

– Clean the pump: You should also clean the pump after every 3 months to ensure that it stays clear of all debris. Rinse the pump with vinegar and reattach as instructed.

– Winter tips: Move your fountain indoors in winter to prevent it from freezing. If you are unable to move it, drain the fountain completely and then cover it with water-resistant cover.

If you don’t have time to care for your pond, pump, or the fountain, don’t hesitate to hire a professional for the job.

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