Top 10 Nursing Paths That You Can Take

Top 10 Nursing Paths That You Can Take



Top 10 Nursing Paths That You Can Take 

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The nursing field in the UK is constantly changing. While it is true that nurses are leaving their permanent positions at hospitals to pursue an independent nursing career, a lot of nursing specialities have opened up. As an aspiring nurse or an experienced nurse, you may want to consider all our options. With the emergence of nursing agencies, there are a variety of different nursing types you can be. With the demand for nurses continuously increasing, and agency nursing offering many worthwhile opportunities such as strong salaries and several benefits, it is important that you explore all the fields before sticking to your preferred nursing path.



With that said, in this post, you will learn more about what kind of nursing paths are there and the unique opportunities each of these offers. 


#1 Travel Nurse 


If you happen to be working as an agency nurse, then one of the best nursing jobs, you can find there is a travel nurse. A travel nursing job is perfect for those who love travelling and meeting new people across the country. Being a travel nurse, you will be travelling to some of the finest hospitals and medical care centres in the country and working with the most experienced professionals. 


#2 Nurse Practitioner


A nurse practitioner works under the guidance of a general physician. However, with experience, you can gain autonomy and take on the roles of a physician. As a nurse practitioner, you can diagnose illnesses, initiate treatment plans, and prescribe medications. You should become a nurse practitioner if you are seeking more responsibilities and independence without some of the prerequisite educational qualifications of a general physician. 


#3 Medical Surgical Nurse 


A medical surgical nurse or MS nurse is a nursing professional who carries out a wide array of tasks. An MS nurse must possess excellent prioritisation, technical, organisational, and assessment skills. MS nurses take part in most surgeries and treat all kinds of diseases. This means they need to be flexible and provide holistic care. 


#4 Oncology Nurse 


An oncology nurse is a nurse who is expert in handling cancer patients. As an oncology nurse, your job will be to provide care for cancer patients, and even those who can get cancer. Their daily job includes monitoring a cancer patient’s physical conditions, administering chemotherapy, and prescribing medications, among other things. If you want a career, which is research-oriented yet rewarding, this is the nursing path you should take. 


#5 Labour and Delivery Nurse 


A labour and delivery nurse administers childbirth and helps welcome new lives into the world every day. As a labour and delivery nurse, you will be responsible for taking care of both the mother and child throughout the process of labour, at the time of childbirth, and even aftercare. Their role would be to help induce labour, time contractions, administer epidurals, and educate the mother about the procedure and with nursing advice after childbirth.


#6 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse 


As the name suggests, a NICU nurse provides care for critically ill and premature newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit. Their job roles include comforting the premature newborns when they are in distress, connecting them to life-giving technology, and providing the infants with immediate medical attention. The experience of taking up such nurse roles is something that cannot be explained. This may be because infants are involved. 


#7 Operating Room Nurse 

An OR nurse, also known as a scrub nurse, provides care to the patient before, during, and after surgery. This means the nurse will be a part of the surgical team. They work alongside the surgeons and act as a channel between the patient and the patient’s family. Moreover, an OR nurse is also responsible for providing patients with post-operative care until they are deemed fit to go home. This nursing path is best-suited for those who are empathetic and understands the stress of surgery on the patients and their family. 


#8 Cardiovascular Nurse 


A cardiovascular nurse looks after patients suffering from the disease of the heart of the blood vessels. Also known as a cardiac nurse, they work mostly in the intensive care unit of the hospital and provide care to the individuals who have suffered traumas like arrhythmias, myocardial infarctions, or have under-gone by-pass surgery or open-heart surgery. This role demands critical-thinking and the mindset to work in high-pressure situations and environment. 


#9 Dialysis Nurse 


As a dialysis nurse, your responsibilities include treating patients who have suffered kidney failure. A dialysis nurse takes care of patients as they undergo kidney dialysis treatment. It is a rewarding nursing career path because kidney dialysis is a life-prolonging treatment. 


#10 Paediatric Nurse 


A paediatric nurse specialises in treating children and taking care of their healthcare needs. Their job roles include caring for children, administering vaccinations, treating illnesses that are common in children, and interacting with children and parents. 


These are some of the most popular nursing paths that you can choose from. It is all about your priorities and how you want your career to advance.