Top 7 Best Blogs for Teachers

As a teacher, you have a big role in the life of every student you are teaching. You aid their academic progress and growth by presenting study materials and handing them assignments to write. But, being a teacher also demands continuous learning and development, something that, thanks to blogs, is now more accessible than ever.

With the immense progress of technology, we have enjoyed countless benefits. Blogs have a grand role in our lives, especially the ones that are educational and help us develop. In terms of education, there are many academic blogs online that offer professional development and free tips for teachers.

If you are one of those amazing teachers that go beyond assigning an essay or presenting the material, you probably go out of your way to make teaching more engaging and interesting for the student. This list is exactly for teachers like you. We present you with the top seven blogs that give ideas for class projects, activities, planning, as well as teaching tips.

Let’s start with the youngest ones – the point where it all begins for a student. Education is very important and as such, it should be as effective as it can from the student’s youngest age. That being said, this first choice of an online blog is a kindergarten, first and second grade blog for teachers. It focuses on reading and writing, grammar, as well as social studies.

The author of this blog, Lori, shares real insights and stories from her many years of being a teacher. At this point, she’s been doing this for over 20 years, making her an excellent source of interesting and useful information.

As a modern teacher of today, you must be tech-aware. Students do everything with the help of technology, so the teachers who aren’t proficient in it are often left behind. Well, this blog is all about this matter. Alice, the blog creator shares tech tips and tricks with educators.

You can do many things with the help of technology. First and most obvious, you can read blogs where you’ll find technology tips. Secondly, you can find interesting activities and use technology to engage students to learn better. If you read the many useful posts on this blog, you’ll also learn how to teach your students to use technology to benefit their academic development.

Are you a teacher in primary education? If you are, it is time to meet Carol – an online educational consultant who helps teachers for free. She also offers affordable one on one consulting services, while her blogs will sure encourage your personal and professional development as an educator.

In her blog, you’ll learn how to create innovative opportunities for learning, boost the understanding of your students, as well as create more memorable experiences and connections by using the class curriculum.

This blog has been online for almost a decade and is one of the most popular among educators. It’s no wonder – Rachelle is an amazing educator that constantly updates pictures of her class and teaching tips for other educators. In many occasions, you can also read posts written by Natalie, another teacher and a close friend of the blog’s creator. They both share insightful ideas for classroom teaching that benefit both the teacher and the students.

Looking for some teaching tips? This blog has it all – tricks and tips for teaching, resources for materials and study ideas, as well as tools for organization, preparation, and success tracking. It’s an all-in-one guide for teachers that need some help with creating activities, worksheets, games, and even printables for their classroom.

On this blog, you’ll find many tips to engage students to read, write and study. It will also teach you how to select the topics for essay writing, how to motivate students to write, etc. If you learn how to teach students without overwhelming them, they won’t hire an essay writing service to do their work.

The famous Ms. Cassidy has now retired, but the blog is still enjoying a lot of traffic. Since she doesn’t post as regularly as before, you can easily check out the popular pages and learn a lot from her. This teacher has been educating the youngest – those who require the most innovation and creativity to keep engaged.

Kathy has shared a lot of stories about interesting activities, tips on how to track the youngest students’ progress, and stories about her beautiful learners.

Finally, you’re looking at a blog that joins teachers from all across the world. On this blog, you can find tips and tricks from a variety of educational experts, learn about different experience, and share your own. It’s an excellent opportunity to see how the educational system works on a worldwide level and use that experience to develop yourself as a teacher.

Have you heard of these blogs before? It is never too late to start following them!