Top Seven Gadgets Disguised as Wearables


Wearables is the new trend of the emerging tech times. You would see that wearables are actually two different design ideas merged to become one. While cool is the futuristic way of trending designs, subtlety is how you would keep the new era’s gadgets. Else it would look awkwardly funny. Nobody wants a funky gadget to look too techy. This is the main reason why wearables have to be subtle around the cool designs. Here are some of the classy wearable that have been designed to appear uber cool, and do appear that way too. These wearables are actually gadgets that have a classy way about them.

In-ear Dash Earphones

Top Seven Gadgets

These dash earphones are the best way to a new musical life. Listen to music without those dangling long headphones or that headset screaming out of your head. This super cool earphone rests inside your ear, and the sound is amazing even without it being too big for hearing. But, is music all that this gadget is about. Well, no! The gadget is also a fitness and health freak. It will not just measure the amount of calories you burn in a day but also tends to measure the number of steps you have taken to burn those calories. It will keep an eye on your heart rate, monitors your body temperature and notes your speed. Now, that’s called a perfect wearable that appears amazing and is completely tech intact.

Cuff Styled Bracelets

Remember scenes in movies where one hero tends to send a signal to the other hero, just to grab their attention and make the next move possible? Yes, the same ones where they are either stuck fighting the villain or are desperately waiting to make an exit from some place. These GPS tuned cuff styled bracelets are meant for the same purpose. It connects you and your loved ones through GPS, and the additional benefit is that it sends out a typical signal to your loved ones when you are facing an emergency or when you want their attention. The best part of this gadget is that it looks like any other accessory but is a heavily teched up gadget in reality. It is both iOS and Android compatible device. You will find that this device needs no battery change.

Gestured Ring

Who doesn’t love wearing a ring on their finger? Imagine if that same ring were packed with some amazing computing features? Won’t that be considered wonderful? Here’s a ring using which you can actually control the devices and appliances present inside your home. You can even write text using this ring while making the lettered gestures in the air. You will find that this ordinary ring performs extraordinary tech based work that is amazing.

GPS D-Shirt

Ever thought wearing t shirts could be any cooler than it already is? Well the D-shirts have definitely assured of making it ultra cool for you. This t shirt is made of a sensor laced fabric which is ultimately connected to a Bluetooth transmitter. You will see that whatever you do while you are wearing this tshirt is recorded and finally transmitted by this transmitter to the connected smartphone. Don’t worry, just because it is digital does not mean you cannot wash it. In fact, the good news is that you can wash and iron these tshirts just like you would any other tshirt. So, enjoy your wearable that absolutely subtle in its design and characteristics.

Socks & Tech

Who thought socks could be smart too? Weren’t they just supposed to protect our toes? No, that’s not what the tech experts thought though. They felts that these socks needed some cool revamping, and brought about the tech made socks. There is an RFID chip in each of the smart sock that you would be wearing. This connects the sock to the smartphone using a black sock app. This app will basically connect your sock with one another sock. You can track in case you are looking out to track something or someone. You can even keep a check on how many socks are there in your cupboard, how many have reached the laundry and how many still need to reach the laundry. This is an excellent app for sock tracking.

Diapers are Smart too!

Babies’ health matters to all parents! Poop is one of the best ways of measuring its health, and that is a known fact. How would you feel if you could feel a bit smart about baby poop even at a time when your baby cannot really say what’s happening. These wearable diapers help track the baby’s poop data, check on their kidney functions and hydration levels. In case of dangerous UTIs the parents are given an alert. This is pretty baby friendly.

Monitoring Contacts

This one’s still in its development stage. Google is redefining the way contacts work as wearables. A contact lens that is being devised by Google would contain a small chip which will check on glucose levels using the wearer’s tears. This will actually help in calculating the diabetic patients and their glucose counts.

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