The Top Ten Diets For this year

Top Ten Diets For this year

The most searched diets for this year are revealed.We draw interesting and positive conclusion out of them …

Unlike in this year when the most searched  diets  were feeding through tubes or ketogenic diets, this year the world seems far more interested in better shaped diet plan with accent on whole food,organic foods and more nutritional varieties. Thumbs up for new and even healthier year.

We start from number 10

10.Flexitarian Diet   This diet gives advantage of a vegetarian diet, but it is flexible when it comes to a piece of chicken or fish. In other words this are casual vegetarians who have chosen a very balanced and healthy diet.

9.Pescetarian Diet –   It is based on vegetarianism, but this diet includes consumption of fish and other organisms that live in the aquatic environment. Although a very healthy diet, but everyone  that use it must pay attention to the presence of mercury in the fish flesh.

8.Fruitarian Diet –  Those who eat only fruit has always existed, but lately the media has exceptionally promoted  fruitarian diet or also known as diet 80:10:10 and also Instagram remained flooded with images of fruit breakfasts.Far from healthy, this diet is deprived of essential fatty acids and protein.


7.Omnivorous Diet – This is actually a diet that is commonly is used by humans. Omnivores feed themselves with plant and animal products. If its properly balanced and choose healthy products its excellent and healthy diet that suits our body.

6.Okinawa Diet – Japanese have the best chance to live more than hundred, some of them to see such a list in 2113. If this diet does not prolong life, surely it wont shorten , because it consists of vegetables, tofu, legumes, fatty fish, “Crosses ” alcohol and sweets.

5.Ketogenic Diet – Originally developed for patients with epilepsy, the diet has become a hit among everyone  who want to say no to the carbohydrates. The point is to bring the body to a state of ketosis, where ketones promote combustion of energy from fat. It is designed to be controlled by professionals and is not recommended at home, and can sometimes result in an increase of cholesterol and chronic constipation.

4.Maple Syrup Diet – This diet should be banned by law. Implies replacing every meal with freshly prepared juice of water, lemon, red pepper and maple syrup. Although everybody knew about the  consequences and jojo effect of this diet, but still some celebrities have promoted and here it is again among the most searched diets .

3.Mediterranean Diet – A well-balanced combination of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vegetables, nuts, legumes, seeds and fresh fruits. This diet, following the example of Mediterranean cultures are associated with longevity and vitality. The people that live near sea or ocean know more about this diet …

2.Cleansing  with juice – Starting from 3 to 14 days drinking only squeezed or blended fruits and vegetables. This diet has no scientific evidence for support ,on the other side  there is lot of evidence for its short-term effect.

strawberry smoothie

1.Paleo Diet – And the  diet of the year is the diet from Stone Age. The nutrition is strictly with fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables and complete avoidance of agricultural products such as cereals, milk and dairy products, legumes, salt, sugar and any other processed products is a way that is embraced by many bodybuilders and crossfiters. While there is  still a debate whether this diet really follows the nutrition of the  Cro-Magnons, something we unquestionably accept of it – the food is the best by its natural state.

strawberry smoothie

Dont sabotage achieved results that were gained with hard work in the gym with jupming right away on unhealthy foods full of fats and bad carbs. Losing body fat once and for all is accomplished by proper nutrition. At the end of the day, if you enter more calories than you spend you will get fat (fat). So you must spend more calories than you consume.

The good thing with nutrition is that you can control the amount of calories that have entered above. Eat smaller amounts of calories comparing to what you can spend with everyday activities, so there is no need for additional cardio activities that already are popular among bodybuilders. Eat five to six small but well-balanced meals at a distance of three to four hours.

Not eating at all or skipping meals is equally bad as overeating.The calorie intake should be 50% from proteins, 40% carbohydrates and 10% from fats.

Must Read Health Tips of this Years ->

Muscle fiber is constructed from densely connected protein molecules that are damaged during training. Unlike the the people that do not workout, bodybuilders need more protein so they can ensure muscle recovery and growth of muscle tissue. Try to avoid simple sugars like cane sugar, honey, fruit juices, syrups and even some fruits. Drinking about 4 liters of water a day will help with the_ ejection of toxins from the body.



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