Celebrity Inspired Unique Wedding Themes

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New Unique wedding themes

Celebrity weddings are endlessly strange, incredibly lavish and always fascinating. With no money limits, celebrities are free to craft wedding celebrations that follow elaborate themes and feature whimsical and unique décor.

Big name weddings are unendingly weird, inconceivably rich and continually intriguing. With no cash limits, famous people are allowed to specialty wedding festivals that take after expound subjects and characteristic eccentric and one of a kind adornment.

Can we take inspiration from these creative celebrity Unique Wedding Themes and use the ideas to make our own weddings more special and interesting?

Unique Wedding Themes

Popular Themes for Celebrity Weddings

Here are a few of the celebrity weddings that have made headlines recently thanks to their strange and fascinating themes.  A couple of the star weddings that have made features as of late because of their peculiar and entrancing subjects.

Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian – The Great Gatsby

In a glamorous and elegant 20’s inspired wedding, Lauren and Aaron said their vows to each other this May. All of the guests were dressed up in clothing from the era, including opera gloves, fringed frocks and coats and tails. Why bring some vintage inspiration to your wedding by encouraging your guests to dress in the styles of a different era and adding vintage style to your wedding decorations?

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley – White Wedding

The theme for the wedding between this actress and musician was “winter” and all of the guests wore white. The decorations and the food also had a wintery white theme. Having a predominant colour is a very easy way to add a theme to your wedding. It doesn’t have to be white; it could be blue, red, or whatever your favourite colour is.

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz – Alice in Wonderland

When these young stars were married, they had a wedding with an “Alice in Wonderland” theme. Every detail was true to the literary inspiration of the event, including a detailed cake with a stopwatch, teapot, top hat and a pot of flowers on top. The guests even got to enjoy little “drink me” cocktails served on trays that looked like playing cards. The reception tent was decorated with thousands of black roses and the chairs were shaped like red hearts.

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner – Western Theme

When this couple was married in 2004, Costner used his own ranch to hold a four day Western themed event. The All-American entertainment at the wedding included a mini rodeo and a baseball game. The couple even arrived in an antique truck and a horse-drawn carriage. If you like this idea, why not incorporate some Wild West elements into your theme? You could hire a horse drawn carriage to take the wedding party from the ceremony to the reception, or even have a country band as your entertainment.

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