USP And Partnership Help Bloggers Achieve Social Media Success And Drive More Traffic  

USP And Partnership Help Bloggers Achieve Social Media Success And Drive More Traffic

USP And Partnership Help Bloggers Achieve Social Media Success And Drive More Traffic  

You can use social media to its fullest effect and drive more traffic to it to have more followers whether it is for your business or for the blogs. You can grow the fan following as well as your blog on the side by using different tools, software, platforms and other elements. However, using Instagram for this purpose seems to be the most useful way and a sensible approach.

It is very easy to become besotted with success stories of other people who are successfully living through their blogging revenue but it is not easy for all to become an overnight success. There are several blogs that will hardly get any audience even after using the best social media channels and putting out content of highest quality.

It is therefore all about gaining maximum traffic towards your blogs that you post. How to do that? Well, the simplest way is to make your blog post more appealing and engaging so that it not only attracts more viewers but also forces them to share it with others. You will this way gain more followers at a compounded rate.

USP And Partnership Help Bloggers Achieve Social Media Success And Drive More Traffic  

Whether it is a technical or a travel blog, the best way to make it more appealing is to share it through your Instagram account, which is the best photo sharing platform that you will find currently.

The problem is that most new bloggers do not know or fully understand how they can drive a meaningful volume of traffic to their blogs. Fortunately, you have Instagram to your rescue. Social media has helped a lot of bloggers to achieve incredible success and with that in mind here is a closer look at some of the most effective ways in which you can use it successfully to drive more traffic to your own blog.

Unique Selling Proposition

It is all about finding your USP and as with your blog itself you will have to find out the unique voice on the right social media channels depending on the type of audience you want to attract and build which is an essential factor for driving growth.

  • Ask yourself the most important question: who you are and what you want to portray. Once you have found out the answer it will pave your way to success and people will start seeing you or your blog for that matter. Irrespective of the fact that you have a thousand or a million Instagram followers all will be naturally interested in you and also about the aesthetic that you are conveying.
  • Identifying the needs, desires and challenges of the target audience are the key to success and all of these will often align with your own interests as well. This alignment will eventually play a significant role in fine tuning the unique voice of your blog and therefore such identification is extremely important.

To define this strategy successful bloggers and podcast guests even suggest a few typical questions to ask yourself that will help you deliver products that are in alignment with the need of the users. These questions are:

  • What keeps people up at night
  • What is the significant struggle in their life and business
  • What would make it easier for them and
  • What are their biggest dreams and aspirations in life?

Using these types of questions will guide you to create products with which you can increase your social media presence and also your blog content. It will help you to craft a post that is not only nice but is relevant to the interest of your audience and ensure that it attract more traffic and actually drive engagement.

Use of Hashtags

You should never ignore the importance and use of hastags for your great content to move towards the desired path of growth. In social media using hashtags is the key to success especially if you are using Instagram platform which cannot do without hashtags.

It is probably outright silly not to use hashtags as that will prevent leveraging people who want to see your posts. Start using hashtags and you will see that your post is reposted within a couple of minutes by another account and then another and so on to increase your reach and organic traffic to your blog post. This will bring on a couple hundred new followers even faster than you can imagine.

For proper use of hashtags you will need to conduct proper and thorough research regarding the analytics and latest trends in hashtag usage. When you use the right hashtag it will once create add to the USP factor and it will in the end fuela more strategic approach to develop your future posts.

It is important for you to know if you are new in blogging that often large Instagram accounts look for smaller accounts while curating content. For this they consistently use the right hashtags which will put you in the most appropriate place to be found and viewed more.

Partnerships matter in social success

To make the best use of the social media and ensure more traffic you will have to rely more on building partnerships rather than follow a completely solo endeavor. It is for specific reason it is called the social media which literally means a very collaborative space. Therefore, develop relationships early on and never assume that no one will give you time, help or input simply because they have been engaged in this field for a longer period of time. So, reach out to other bloggers for advice as most of them are friendly and welcoming.

Choose only those bloggers of your particular niche and invest a fair bit of time to build such relationships. Choose wisely and for this you will have to ask and ask again as well as research about the writer so that you do not reach out for bloggers in general.

Organically, when you reach out to others and buildrelationships it will help you to get your content shared on Instagram Stories of other bloggers eventually resulting in new and more traffic.

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