Weldsaver: The Coolant Control and Leak Detection System

Weldsaver: The Coolant Control and Leak Detection System

Do you operate a robotic welding system? You need a top-notch coolant and leak detection system! It will help to protect your welders from overheating. That way, you are assured of the safety of all those expensive weld components like caps, water-cooled motors, electrodes, and transformers. 

Go for Weldsaver! It is the leading water saver that suits your needs. Deltapoint also offers you a molecular-designed unit that helps to detect leaks from horse burst or cap loss. With Weldsaver and Deltapoint technology, you can monitor critical cooling circuits. Besides, it makes it easy to detect any leaks and cap loss. Weldsaver offers you the best water saver since it has an automated valve shut-off, making monitoring simpler and possible.

Do you seek to monitor the whole cooling circuit for a weld cell or coolant flow to weld guns? You will never go wrong with Weldsaver or even the Deltapoint unit. The Weldsaver saver detects losses of flow continuity formed by cap loss very fast and with a high degree of reliability. You can also get signals of any catastrophic events and hose burst when using Weldsaver.

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The welding water saver is very vital in homes and office space. You can use it to keep your properties safe in case of floods or water-related damage. The damages may be due to a water heater or even air ventilation in your office or factory that may result in a considerable loss.

But homes and offices are not the only areas you can use weld water saver. Since the coolant and leak detection system gives flow rate and fluid leaks in real-time, they are vital in firms. You can use the Weldsaver in your firm to protect your staff from leakage of dangerous gases and save profits by reducing cost occasioned by leaks. 

How Weldsaver works as a coolant control and leak detection system

In the system, the temperature may exceed the pre-set limits. The flow rate can also go beyond the required rate. When that happens, your Weldsaver will produce a signal and send it to the controlling device. It can be a robot, weld controller, or PLC.

The signals sent may be faults or warnings based on your set-point values. Once the signals are received, the welder goes off, and it functions as a water saver by turning the incoming water through an electric valve. The Weldsaver collects all the operational data and displays it on the web interface in an intuitive format. That makes it easy for the operator to understand.

Weldsaver applies intelligent leak detection to monitor and report any change in the flow system. The detection algorithm can quickly identify a subtle change in the flow velocity that differentiates true leaks from motion-induced effects, temperature, and pressure.

 Weldsaver will help to identify leak conditions within less than 0.3 seconds. In case of a cap loss or even other leaks, your Weldsaver gives signals change of the state. That results in an immediate stop of the welding process and closure of an attached shut-off valve. So, that makes the Weldsaver a great water saver. 

Why you should go for a coolant control and leak detection system

1. They offer prompt alerts

Wouldn’t you love to get ahead of any event that may result in a loss? A welding water saver will be among the vital tools you need in your firm to get prompt alerts of any kind of pipe leaks. That enables you to sort out the issue in advance to eliminate dangerous chemical leaks.

2. It cheap and effective

You may not seek how leaks result in a loss at the beginning until your firm begins making a loss. Or, you incur the cost of repairing a large section of the pipes carrying fluid. To avoid all those problems, get a leak detection system! A water saver will help to solve the leakage issue ahead of time. That means that social and repair cost becomes less compared by what you pay after the tragedy strikes.

3. You can use a leaking system to promote safety

Your firm, home, office, and staff need to be safe. Use Weldsaver coolant control and detector system to avoid losing precious products due to leaks. It also helps your staff to work within safe environs. Any form of leak can result in loss and endanger the lives of the works if you are monitoring the flow rate of dangerous fluids. You can get a Weldsaver coolant control and leak detection system that saves your firm’s profits.  


A leak detection system is very vital. You can use it to gauge flow rate, limit or set flow rate when it is required, and even detect quickly any water leakage. The welding water saver and Deltapoint have been useful for detecting leaks in robotic welding since they can send cap loss signals to a weld controller. You can also use it to monitor critical cooling circuits and get reliable results. Protect your firm from loss resulting from leakage and danger brought by leakage of harmful fluids by use of Weldsaver or Deltapoint coolant and leak detection systems.


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