What are the famous places to spend time in Shillong?

Mawphlang Sacred Forest

What are the famous places to spend time in Shillong?

Are you bored of sitting at home for so long? Are you planning a place to visit to have a wonderful time with your family or friends? Is the Covid-19 pandemic period has vanished the enthusiasm in your life? Don’t worry! We are here to drive the enthusiasm of your to the next level by making you feel the Shillong around you.

Travelling for some is their passion while for some it’s a way to drag their stressed life away from them. Travelling means to explore a place or city make new friends and even collect the beautiful memories with you. Shillong is said to be the ‘Abode of Clouds’, a place that would hold the breath of the people visiting the place as the beauty of nature charms the eye to the fullest. The place is said to have rolling hills that resembles the view of British of Scotland and thus, it is also named as ‘Scotland of the east’.

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Now, the next question that arises is where to visit in Shillong so that the trip becomes the most memorable moments. So, here we go with the list of places that really charms the beauty of the place in the information detailed below.

Places to visit in Shillong:

  • Umiam Lake

Places to visit in Shillong

The lake is also named as Dam Sait is one of the Indian reservoirs present in 15 km towards the northern extend of the city, in state of Maghalaya. This lake has been designed over the river named ‘Umiam’. The river offers services to micro, meso and macro ecosystems and also stores water for electricity generation. Even, it is useful for the locals of the city as they utilize the water from the lake for downstream irrigation, fisheries, and as payable water.

  • Mawphlang Sacred Forest

Mawphlang Sacred Forest

Situated towards 25km from Shillong, in the East khasi hills named after the monoliths and the place has its meaning in its name i.e. grassy stone. This place is completely enriched with the culture of ‘Khasi’ known as the hub of the khasi culture.

  • Elephant falls

Elephant falls

One of the most lovable view points of Shillong city is ‘Elephant Falls’, a two-tier waterfall in Shillong. This fall is located to the outskirts of the city within the hilly district of East Khasi i.e. 12 km from the main city. Visitors will find the view to be breath taking and eye catching as the nature sets its beauty to the fullest to this place.

  • Shillong view point

Shillong view point

To have a complete overview of the city, have a visit to the Shillong View Point. The place is famous as the beautiful picnic spot as it charms the visitors’ eye with the beauty of nature. Even, the memories created at this place are the most memorable.

  • Mawjymbuin Cave

The Mawjymbuin cave is situated towards in the Mawsynram, a cave known for its stalagmites. The cave is enriched with the notable speleothems resembling the structure of cow’s udder. The area is beautiful and is known for commercial plus non-commercial benefits. The town of Mawsynram has its own importance as it receives the highest rainfall in India.

  • Ward’s lake

Ward’s lake

The Ward’s lake is also known by the other name i.e. Pallock Lake and Nan Polok as it one of the lakes designed by man-made or artificial designs. This lake is located at the center of the city and this is the only reason that the place is highly visited by the tourists.

Some of the other places to visit in the city of Shillong are as follows:

  1. Laitlum canyons
  2. Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures
  3. Shillong view point
  4. Police bazaar
  5. Shillong Peak
  6. Cathedral of Mary help of Christians
  7. Lady Hydari Park
  8. Air Force Museums
  9. Sweet falls


The city of Shillong is one of the highly visited hill stations in Indian state by tourists to spend their vacations with complete enthusiasm and happiness. The city name Shillong is listed among the top places to visit by the one having a love for nature as the place is enriched with various view points. The city has various view point from where one could easily have a view of natural beauty of the place i.e. vegetation, trees, lakes, caves, and artificial lakes.

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