What do you write in a Cover Letter for a Cleaning Job?


Companies hire cleaners who know their work, and can effectively contribute. As an applicant for this position, your focus should be on writing a cover letter that is way above that of all other candidates for the position.

The good thing about cleaner cover letters is that they focus on just one thing – skills. As a cleaner, your skills and qualifications are all that a hiring manager needs to know about. Of course, mention of any accomplishments in this regard will go a long way in making things easier for you.

Breaking up the cleaner cover letter will give you a more accurate view of how one should be written. But before that, concentrate on which area you will be working in. For instance, you could be applying for a cleaner job in a school, commercial building, office building, or even at individual houses.

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Let’s now see what goes into each part of a cleaner cover letter.


This is the most important part of your cleaner cover letter simply because this is the beginning. A good impression here can mean great things for you professionally speaking. Provide information of which position you’re applying for specifically, and what you bring to the table in a nutshell.

Cover Letter Main Body  

In the main body of the cleaner cover letter, you must focus on your qualifications regarding cleaning and maintenance.

Mention what tools and supplies you’re comfortable in using. Also, highlight the fact that you can clean by sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, in addition to other things such as repairs and maintenance. Being specific about all skills areas is vital to the success of your cover letter.

The best way to highlight your suitability for a cleaner position in a cover letter is to write a few bullet points about your qualifications and abilities. These will make it clearer for the hiring manager that you are the right person to consider.


Even though this is where you say goodbye, a cleaner cover letter conclusion is most important. Being proactive will make a huge impact on the hiring manager.

Sum up your candidature for a cleaner position, and leave a phone number where you can be reached.

Also, mention that you will call the hiring manager to set up an interview time and date suitable to their calendar. Sign off.


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