What is the Role of a Family Law Attorney in Divorce?

When two people decide it is time to get married, they expect the marriage to last, optimistically throughout the rest of their lives. From day one, the two that decide to get married should be aware of the consequences that may go along with it. The wedding will not be the only sacrifice, but also the living situation, the assets, the bank accounts, and who will be paying for what. The decisions that this couple now has to make together can make a massive impact on their daily lives and their lives in the future. Having kids may be the biggest liability yet. The couple needs to ensure they are ready to raise humans of their own by being financially stable and mentally prepared. There should be enough room in their place of living and they should be residing in a decent location with high ranking schools. The couple should weigh all the possibilities they can think of concerning their children, including divorce. If the couple decides to invest in properties or build an empire together, it would be in everyone’s best interest for them to be committed to the relationship for as long as possible, however, things happen.

As humans, we are meant to make mistakes. There is no perfect person, we are all fated to mess up even if there were huge promises and sacrifices involved. If for any reason, a wedded couple, with a family, decides it is not in their best interest to stay together anymore, divorce is commonly their solution. Going into the marriage, legal documents must be signed, getting out of the marriage, more legal documents need to be thoroughly looked over and signed. This is where family divorce lawyers and attorneys come in to play. These family attorneys will have to overlook every asset or share this couple decided to have together. The attorney needs to decide what is fair and what is not. The family law attorney plays a key role in divorce. Imagine if this couple decided to buy commercial real estate together, the attorney needs to depict who gets to own which portion of the estates. Not only do divorce lawyers deal with a home that the couple shares and their kids, but all the assets that the couple acquired together. Getting into children, family law attorneys must also analyze what is fair when it comes to child custody. Whether each parent gets time with their child or not, it would be up to the attorney on which professional to call for making these decisions. Family law attorneys need to have knowledge and experience in what professionals to contact when it comes to two people breaking off a marriage that have many valuables to lose.

A large percentage of marriages, unfortunately, end in divorce. Through research, there have been studies that show that 42%-45% of first marriages end in divorce. With such high statistics regarding divorce, there should be a high number of lawyers that are willing to help. For example, there should be plenty of family law attorneys in Oklahoma City and a variable number of other cities which are including but not limited to Chickasha, Norman, Shawnee, Guthrie, and more. Family law attorneys should be willing to offer quality service when it comes to divorce.

For example, a family law attorney in Oklahoma City is a perfect place to be located in due to the centric area where they are easily accessible since it’s a huge city in the middle of Oklahoma. Family lawyers, in general, need to be diligent in writing and executing proper wills, the logistics of legal guardians, and the knowledge of how to successfully complete a divorce. When it comes to guardianship, family law attorneys are in dire need of knowing all the legal processes that will undergo when someone is taken in by a guardian besides their parents. It is crucial for lawyers to know reliable professionals such as family therapists, social workers, accountants, and others which will be later mentioned with greater detail. Not only do connecting with other professionals go with the logistics of legal guardianship, but with helping a family through a rough divorce as well.

The main component that family lawyers have when presented a divorce case is compassion. These family lawyers must see both sides of the argument and follow up with what is just for the former couple. The process that these attorneys must undergo with the ex-couple is to first make sure one of them files a petition. The attorney will follow up with the other ex-spouse to ask them to file an answer. The petitioner will mention in the petition their side of the story, the answer that the other spouse must file is the other side of the story. There are more legal documents that need to be completed and filed, like a financial affidavit, child support guidelines, and if there are children involved, a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction form and Enforcement Act affidavit must be filled out. The next step within the divorce process that a family law attorney (in Oklahoma City for example) should accomplish is the additional financial forms that need to be filled out. The court needs to obtain records of tax returns, income, debts, credit cards, bank accounts, and last but not least, retirement accounts.

Now, the most important part of any major divorce involving children is the child custody portion. The parenting plans are certainly needed by a court and it is a family law attorney’s job to ensure it. Even though the judge will try their best to have the children see both of their parents, these plans need to be sorted out with complete honesty and the children’s best interest in mind, even if that means one parent is not in the child’s life like the other parent is. The parenting plan/ “Custody and Visitation Agreement” entails a time-share and decision making concurrence. Time-sharing is the itinerary which shows the times that the child or children are going to each guardian’s home. It gives a depiction of what school, or other activities they have plus the time that they are going to see their parents. The decision-making part of the concurrence is depicting which parent gets to decide for the children when it comes to health, school, and welfare. For more information you can contact Bedlam Law, leading family law firm of Yukon & Oklahoma City