What Plumbing Pipe Options You Have When Installing New or Replacing an Old System?

What Plumbing Pipe Options You Have When Installing New or Replacing an Old System

Has your water supply been affected by a faulty pipe system? Is your pipe leaky? Is the piping system been there for long that now it necessitates changing it? These are some reasons when you will have to go for a new piping system.

The plumbing system is integral to any residential or commercial establishment for ensuring a smooth and continuous supply of water. Depending on the type of building, premise, water supply, temperature, and some other conditions, you can have a certain pipe installed. But it’s not that there is only one plumbing pipe suitable for your place. There can be many out of which you can choose one.

When your present plumbing system is in disarray or the pipe has become leaky or for the matter has endured any kind of damage, then it requires you to change the plumbing pipes. Even when you are looking for new pipe installation, then again you will have multiple choices available.

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Considering your requirement, make sure to consult a professional Roseville plumbing service provider, or wherever you are located, as they are professional and will help you through the pipe choosing process up to the installation, professionally.

What are the Different Plumping Pipe Types?

Whether a new or a replacement plumbing pipe, gaining knowledge the varied types of them will help you make an informed choice:

• PVC Pipes

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipes are definitely one of the most common nowadays. From hot and cold-water supply to preferably being used for sewage, these pipes are used in commercial, residential as well as industrial settings. However, different requirements mean choosing the right thickness and configuration of the PVC pipe, like for pressure water supply, PVC pipes are different than PVC pipes for the sewer system. What makes them an ideal alternative to iron or some other versions is that these pipes do not rust and corrode over time, however, if you are using it for too hot water supply system then it is usually not recommended.

• CPVC Pipes

A somehow related version to the above-mentioned pipe type, CPVC is a bit more flexible than the PVC ones and suitable to be used for both cold and hot water system, but it is not recommended to be used in freezing temperature areas. It is Ideal to be used when you want to install one for drinking water supply, as it contains extra chlorine.

• Steel Pipes

You may think that because of some constraints to the above two mentioned pipes, and the popularity of the steel as a perfect infrastructural element, galvanized steel pipes would be in use heavily for plumbing. However these aren’t used in that much of capacity. The reason being these are considerably heavy. Also, the zinc coating leads to internal rusting, and then the replacement and all could be a big challenge with the weighted nature of the pipe.

• Copper Pipes

The traditional ones in the plumbing system still in use in various places are copper pipes. What has made these pipes so dear to the plumbing industry for decades is the fact that these are resistant to corrosion, don’t leak easily, durable in use, and effectively ideal for both hot and cold water supply. Being able to not pollute the running water supply and resistance to heat is also a plus point for copper pipes. With so much of benefit what is it that people go for other pipes. The answer is the high price of copper pipes, which can make it a big hurdle for property owners to choose copper.

• Cast Iron Pipes

Another of the older type of plumbing pipe system, cast iron is known for its rigidity, durability in function, and robust structure. However these corrode over time and are on the heavier side, which tends people to look for other options especially for residential and commercial premises. Ideally, these are used in sewer lines.

• PEX Pipes

Cross-linked polyethylene plumbing pipes, or as commonly called PEX pipes are also another new-age pipe, specifically developed to be used for water supply lines. There are various benefits to PEX pipes, namely being lightweight in structure, easy to install, minimum maintenance requirement, leak-free capability, flexible, and also color-coded. These are also heat resistant and effective to be used for hot and cold water systems. One con of this piping system is that it can’t be used outdoors because it is prone to get damaged by the sun’s UV rays. These are also a bit on the expensive scale; however durable use and minimal maintenance can make up for that.

When looking to pick the right pipe for your home, commercial or industrial premises, the decision could be a tricky one. However, with a thorough consultation with your Roseville plumbing service provider, or wherever you live, and assessing each pipe’s pros and cons and matching them with your requirement, you will be able to pick the right one and get that installed.

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