Why 2021 is the Perfect Time for Businesses to Get High Bandwidth Dedicated Servers

With movie theaters, restaurants, stores, and other social hotspots closed for over a year, billions of people have been spending larger chunks of their lives browsing websites. For business website owners, this new trend is both good and bad. In the past, the norm for business website owners was to start off their operations on shared Linux servers. Upgrading to dedicated servers was only an option some considered to support increased web traffic.

Due to the pandemic, various business websites are scaling in growth. Consumer behavior worldwide is changing, and business website owners must prepare for higher volumes of traffic. In January 2021, Internet transactions increased by 39.7% percent compared to the number of online transactions in January 2020. What’ll happen in 2022? It’s hard to predict. If business websites want to thrive during this transitionary period, they must:

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  • Offer 24×7 uptime
  • Make sure connection speeds on their websites is super-fast
  • Employ tools to prevent virus attacks
  • Facilitate fast and efficient on-site website maintenance processes

Dedicated servers are specifically designed for adding these qualities to business websites.

What are Dedicated Servers?

Just as the term suggests, a dedicated server is a server devoted wholly to your website and its requirements. On shared servers, different websites have to share the server’s resources. On dedicated servers, no other website will have access to these resources, so guaranteeing features like high speeds, reliable performances, and enhanced security becomes a lot easier for business website owners.

More importantly, business website owners get to control how their servers are set up, what hardware configurations they use and add any custom software feature they want to their servers. Here are some quick facts on dedicated servers:

  • A dedicated server is one of the best-performing hosting options.
  • Your server’s systems administrators can configure the server to support online operations, irrespective of the level of web traffic it experiences.
  • Website performances remain constant, even when the site is experiencing too much or too little traffic activity.
  • Dedicated servers are primed for dealing with unprecedented situations like the global pandemic. It doesn’t matter how many new users check out your website – if you’ve opted for dedicated server hosting, your website will always perform optimally.


Getting Dedicated Servers in 2021 – Why It Makes Sense

If you’re a business website owner considering to get high bandwidth dedicated servers, here’s why now’s the right time –

The Conundrum of Sharing Resources

On shared servers, business website owners are reliant on other sites on the server. From their CPU processing powers to RAM – all resources are distributed unevenly. Let’s say you’re sharing the server with a website that runs bad scripts throughout the day. Your website’s performance will be unnecessarily damaged. In an era where online orders are the norm, business website owners can’t allow other websites to consume all the bandwidth on the server.

Online shoppers and users associate slow website loading times with poor management. They won’t waste half a second to switch to a competitors’ website if your website is malfunctioning. In 2021, business websites need the full capacities of their servers at their disposal. Or else, it would be impossible for business website owners to capitalize on the unprecedented surges in web traffic.

Website Loading Speed

It’s 2021, and business website owners must refine every aspect of their websites. Surprisingly, boosting your website’s site speed solves various issues simultaneously. Increased website loading speeds directly lead to –

  • Better conversion rates
  • Better user experiences
  • Higher chances of generating revenue by improving conversion rates
  • Website speed is a key ranking factor on Google and other search engines, so your website’s rankings will also improve.

More impressively, having all server resources dedicated to one website enables business website administrators to integrate as many custom features as they want to their sites. Be it HD video streaming or large downloadable files – business website admins can add various customer-friendly elements to their website without impacting its loading speed.

Addressing the Key Security Risks

Experts predict that by 2021, the monetary damages inflicted by cybercriminals across the globe will amount to $6 trillion. Only the USA and China have economies worth more than $6 trillion! Thankfully, a key benefit of switching to a dedicated server is that your security requirements are always addressed in the best way possible.

Each dedicated server has its unique IP address. Whereas on shared servers, websites share their IP address with other websites hosted on the same server. If even one website on the server is attacked/compromised, all the rest face similar risks. You can’t afford these risks if –

  • You are in a regulated industry (e.g., selling healthcare products)
  • Your website stores/receive private customer data
  • If your site offers credit card transaction options

To stay fully encrypted and closely guarded at all times, business website owners simply need to maintain their servers’ security periodically. Third-party providers of these servers already do that, so websites on dedicated servers receive the highest level of security at all times!

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