Why Egyptian Cotton Sheets Is Still Best

Egyptian cotton sheets online have become very popular for bedding in recent years. Why exactly? Does it matter? It was thought for decades that cotton was cotton, and thread count was king when buying quality sheets. That is no longer considered to be true. Consumer guidelines for buying bed sheets suggest that cotton from Egypt is superior to other cotton.

Egyptian cotton use to create bedding of all types, from sheets to pillowcases to comforters. The long-staples of Egyptian-grown cotton mean more continuous fiber when creating yarns or threads. This yarn is smaller in diameter yet more robust than other types of cotton. Smaller yarn means more threads per square inch can create a more substantial fabric light in weight yet breathes well.

More threads per inch mean thread count on the bedding label will be higher. Most buyers think that choosing high thread count sheets is the only gauge of quality. But this is not true, but in the case of cotton grown in Egypt, the higher thread count means the fabric will be solid and will last for years and years. If you care properly, Egyptian produced cotton fabric used for creating bedding products can last for decades.

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How to choose Egyptian cotton sheets?

A person, on average, spends about a third of their life sleeping. And the proper Egyptian cotton sheets online can make that time much dreamier. When you shop for bed linens means being confronted with a maze of options available today; learn to decipher these terms will help you pick the sheet that makes you the most comfortable.

Three factors determine the quality and feel of a sheet: the fiber from which it is made, how it is woven, and the thread count. When evaluating a set, look for these three critical pieces of information and use them to find the best sheet for you.

Egyptian cotton made of:

The hand-picked cotton comes from the plant as Pima Cotton. Typically produced in Egypt, the cotton fibers spun into extra fine threads before being woven into fabric. Because the threads are so delicate, Egyptian cotton has a high thread count per square inch. This creates a durable, luxuriously thick fabric.

Egyptian cotton fabric used for:

Egyptian cotton is known for premium bedding. But those are not the only uses. Due to its durability, it also uses for other home textiles like cushions or blankets. But if you are lucky, you might find the occasional clothing item in online stores.

How to care for it?

Egyptian cotton’s main feature is its softness and thickness. Therefore it’s essential to preserve it by caring for your fabric correctly. Always check the percentages of fabric to see how pure Egyptian cotton is. A cotton blend is typical, but this often has only a low amount of Egyptian cotton. As a general rule of thumb, lighter weight bedding will come with a thread count of around 200. Meanwhile, that beautiful feeling you get when you slide into a luxury bedspread at a hotel. That’s all credit goes to a 1000 thread count.


This luxuriously soft fabric will give you some of your best night’s sleep. It is known to be a great duvet cover fabric for those persons who struggle with sleep. Some Egyptian cotton sheets blends will be a little more porous. This helps air pass through evenly, keeping one’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It’s also much softer, more robust and longer-lasting than your typical cotton. Paying a little bit more for high-quality Egyptian cotton bedding might save you some money in the long run.

Another great advantage of this fabric is that it absorbs colors fantastically. They appear brighter and bolder, making it perfect for printing your own designs onto if you want a truly personalized bedroom.

The extra-long staple fiber of Egyptian cotton sheets is the naturally occurring secret ingredient that makes this textile softer than another type in the world. This fantastic feature is inherent to cotton indigenous to Egypt and cannot be replicated elsewhere.

To further ensure top-notch quality and softness, an extra step in the manufacturing process is added. The cotton is adequately combed via machine to remove loose filaments, and particles spun without any impurities. Uncombed cotton may have some irregularities that appear throughout the fabric. Over time such impurities lead to a breakdown in the quality of the material.

Thread count refers to the individual vertical and horizontal threads found in one square inch of fabric. The more threads mean the softer the fabric. When it comes to Egyptian cotton sheets, they will consistently be smoother than standard cotton no matter the thread count.

While all these factors mentioned above should be taken into account when choosing Egyptian cotton sheets, your personal choice is most important. The best result will come when you take your cotton sheets home, wash them, and sleep on them for a while.

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