Why focus on the safety of Moffett Forklift Operators during summer?

Why focus on the safety of Moffett Forklift Operators during summer

Originally posted on March 23, 2020 @ 9:39 am

Why focus on the safety of Moffett Forklift Operators during summer?

Summer season is about to arrive and people have to start preparing for it. They are taking many precautions so that they can fight the issues that come along with it. Not only people at home but also various businesses and industries are also taking preventive measures to make their employees, staff and workers comfortable during the extreme days of summer.

Industries that are the most dangerous summer

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There are various industries that use Forklifts for sale for different jobs. Some of these tasks are normal but others are dangerous and this intensity increase as the summer season approaches. These industries include;


  • Various foundries
  • Glassmaking plants
  • Rubber factories
  • Wells of gas and oils
  • Mining sites
  • Construction sites


Why focus on safety during the summer?

Sometimes people ask very stupid questions as to why to focus on the safety of the forklift operators who are working inside the warehouse or industrial places. Whether the operators are driving the forklift inside or outside; the effects of summer can upset in both situations.

The weather is very hot

The heat itself is the most dangerous part of the season. In many areas of the US, the heat in the summer is extreme. So other issues related to the very hot weather can develop which needs to be checked and measures to be taken to reduce the stress. 

The Forklift Operators become lazy

During the summer the operators lose the water in the body and they can become lethargic. This makes the working speed of the drivers very slow and thus making the operator lazy in their work.

Various skin problems

When the skin is exposed to the sun very often which is especially the case with forklift operators working outside; they can get various skin rashes and diseases. Some of them are cured through treatment but others leave a permanent bad influence.

Heat strokes are more often

This term is closely related to hypothermia; as in both cases the temperature of the body increases. In actual hypothermia the coldness increase in the body; but when a person suffers from heatstroke the body temperature reaches a very dangerous level. If this is not cured then it can lead to death as well.


Loss of fluids in the body

Another issue that is persistent with the summer season is that the level of fluids on the body decreases. This can not only lead to dry mouth and fatigue but also causes internal problems as well. During the summer season, the workers can experience sweating, vomiting and Diarrhea which are the main causes of fluid loss.

The Moffett Forklift heats up quickly

Another issue of summer is that the forklift can heat up quickly that can result in breaking down of the forklift causing the operator to wait in the heat. It is best that you should buy forklifts from dealers like Bobby Park Truck and Equipment; who can provide with machinery that has a good working engine.

How to ensure the safety of operators in summer?

Now you know what main problems the summer season brings; it is the best interest of your business that you provide safety measurements to the operators so they can contribute more to the productivity of the company. You can give the following facilities to the forklift drivers.

Give them breaks in between shifts

No person is strong enough to work 8 to 9 hours a day constantly and especially when the weather is at its peak. The operators need to have breaks in between their shifts so that they can recollect their energies and start working again.

7 to 8 Hours of Sleep at night is necessary

Never allow the operators to work over-time because everyone needs at least get 7 to 8 hours a night of sleep. If the workload is great then it is a good idea to divide a load of work on two or more operators so that everyone can get the required amount of rest.

Working when the heat is less

It is very unlikely that the operators will get this opportunity but the management of the company can try to manage the working hours and allow the operators to work when the heat is less. 

Drinking plenty of fluids

Water is the best source of hydrating but other fluids like natural juices and other cold beverages can be consumed. The operators should drink at least 12 to 14 glasses of water throughout the day. But avoid too much intake of coffee.

Healthy breakfast is essential

It has now become a habit of many people that they don’t have breakfast at all. The affects that person more who has an empty stomach. Make it a routine to have a healthy breakfast. As your forklift will not work unless and until you fuel it up; in the same way, breakfast is your fuel.

Regular checkups for operators

There are very obvious signs of heatstroke and skin problems, but the point here to note is to be on the lookout of them. Regular medical checkups will find out any danger signs.

Provide them with protective gear

Wear sunglasses and a hard hat when working outside in the extreme heat. Keep a towel or tissue to wipe out the sweat and never forget to have plenty of supply of water.  

Forklifts for sale proper maintenance

No one wants the Forklifts for sale stops working in the middle of the work and in the heat. Maintenance of the forklift is the most important thing to do. The following important points of the forklift must be checked;


  • The heating up of the engine.
  • The coolants that keep the engine cool.
  • The level of oils and fluids of the forklift.
  • The gauges inside the cabin that indicate various warnings
  • The tires of the forklift should be in good condition.


When you take care of the forklift operators in the summer season then automatically the productivity and profit of your business will increase.