Why Good Forklift Parts Are Essential For Any Logistic Operation

Why Good Forklift Parts Are Essential For Any Logistic Operation

 Why Good Forklift Parts Are Essential For Any Logistic Operation

Forklifts are necessary for transportation of equipment at any logistics operation. You will see them being used in a number of warehouses across the country. For these machines to work efficiently, they need to be fitted with high quality parts. Examples of such parts include forklift warning lights, radiators, alarms, load backrests, forks, overhead guards, cameras, and others.

Forklift trucks move over massive areas in workplaces. They are constantly lifting both heavy and light loads and then loading them inside large containers. For them to be able to conduct operations in a safe manner, you will have to find a genuine vendor from whom you can buy forklift parts. You don’t want your employees to risk their lives with malfunctioning lights or radiators, do you?

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Best ways to chose forklift parts

Safeguard yourself against false means of selling forklift parts in the following ways: 

    1. Mode of delivery – Always remember to find out about freight charges on ordered products and their actual delivery time. It may be possible to collect this information from apps or websites. Unless the part arrives within the specified time, it may cause a business loss.
    2. Serial number– The Serial Number of the new forklift spare part must be compatible with the old Serial Number. It will help the supplier match the part.
    3. Look at options– Do not look to fix the first supplier you find, unless the products are truly exceptional. Consider various companies in the market, to know about other high quality suppliers with better deals. There is no harm in taking some time to draw a comparison; do not allow the supplier to pressurize you in any way. 
  • Choose affordable maintenance programs- Simply purchasing the parts at an affordable rate is not enough. You should be paying a reasonable price for maintaining them, which will help the logistic operation run successfully over a long period. The prices will also enable your company to maintain adequate stocks of parts. Make sure you tell the company about being able to meet your emergency logistic requirements. If not, it may be necessary to look for a different vendor. 
  • Parts available at wholesale rates- Companies well known in this field will offer your firm forklift parts at wholesale rates. They will make every effort to ensure that you can benefit from their valuable services throughout the year. Ideally you should be able to purchase parts which offer an excellent mix of price and quality.    

Recommendations by OSHA

Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA) is the body which is responsible for machine- based safety in workplaces in the US. According to its guidelines, forklift warning lights are important for all companies, although they haven’t been made mandatory. Low lit spaces are areas where forklifts must operate with the latest warning lights, for the sake of employee safety. As per OSHA, lights have to be present in all areas that require auxiliary lighting. 

Extensive training at OSHA helps forklift operators and other employees understand the potential hazards and the correct ways of using forklifts. Each forklift attachment has a unique way of enhancing the forklift’s functionality, and this is taught in detail. Some of the common attachments you might see include:

  • Barrel clamps
  • Paper roll handlers
  • Bale clamps
  • Sideshifters
  • Personnel platforms that help lift personnel
  • Carton clamps with pressure valves to squeeze loads  

Importance of forklift warning lights

Front lights in a forklift truck enable an operator to notice obstacles in the vehicle’s path and take corrective action before it is too late. The truck may also suddenly face a sloping gradient that could impact its load; suitable red or blue lights will be helpful here. To ensure that the operator doesn’t back the forklift into dangerous objects or people, the rear lights is important. Related forklift fittings are halogen lamps, sealed beams, and LED’s.    

If you read more about forklift warning lights and their functions, you will notice the similarity between them and ordinary road vehicles. There are only two major differences between them- one is the speed and the other is the presence of pedestrians. Road cars travel at a much faster pace than forklifts, which are made to run in much smaller areas at 6-7 mph. The other difference is in terms of pedestrians; you are more likely to see pedestrians suddenly in the warehouse instead of the road. Both operate on the principle that more visibility always translates to greater levels of safety.

Several workers at warehouses use earphones to focus on their work. There is a lot of heavy machinery noise throughout the duration of the work, which also prompts them to take this step. However, as a result of the same, there are chances where they could suddenly be face-to-face with the forklift. Lights are thereby necessary to prevent such potential disasters, as they get time to react.