Why Living in Anthem (NV) is a Good Idea


Safety and luxury are both important for being able to lead a full life in the US. Both of these can be enjoyed after buying homes in a place called Anthem in Henderson (CA). The area is peaceful and consists of family friendly communities. One of the best parts of buying a home in Anthem is that it is next door to Las Vegas, the heaven for affordable luxury living on the West Coast.

More Affordable than Other Big Cities

Las Vegas is an excellent city for both vacation and for permanent living. The main reason her is that it is comparatively more affordable than New York and New Jersey on the East Coast. New Anthem Las Vegas homes for sale contains luxury properties at low rates in the master planned community of Anthem.

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People Own Homes Here

A large percentage of the residents of Anthem have their own homes. The place contains a number of parks that are great for healthy living across generations. Most of the restaurants in Anthem are within walkable distances, and people can roam about at night without worrying about their security. Public transport is also easily accessible in this area.

Anthem is a great place for children’s’ education as well. Many top elementary schools such as the Elise L. Wolff Elementary School and the Martha P King Elementary School are present. The whole area is family friendly, being 15 minutes away from the glitz of Vegas. With the crime rate being very low here, it is a wonderful place to raise a family in the US. Incidentally, Anthem has the 7th highest per capita income in America.

Getting large homes with fireplaces is certainly possible in this area. A lot of these homes also have outdoor landscapes, which are usually in the form of shrubs, and mature trees, and extended patio covers. Every house gets more than one garage. Customers should get in touch with their brokers and book homes here as most of them are ready to move in.

Gated Community Living

Many vibrant communities are present in Anthem, and members of these communities care a lot for their members. Anyone who starts living here is bound to enjoy life through regular group activities, and will also find a number of friends amongst the members. Retirees form a significant part of the population here. People in Henderson are always friendly.

Those who decide to live in these communities can get luxurious condominiums to stay after getting in touch with reputed real estate brokers. A home here will allow residents to balance the best of both quiet and loud worlds, with Anthem being ridiculously quiet as compared to Vegas. Las Vegas is known to offer the best entertainment options in the world, with Hollywood movies such as Hangover having been famously shot here.

Patio dining in Las Vegas

Nightlife is the main reason for individuals from Anthem and adjoining areas to visit Las Vegas. While nightlife may be about gambling at casinos for many, it does include dining out at unique places as well. Several patio-dining options are available here, including the following restaurants:

  • Echo & Rig – This steakhouse looks like a clean butchers’ shop on the inside. The place is famous for sea bass, Steakhouse Scramble, and tomato and burrata cheese.
  • Americana – It is a good place for a Sunday brunch. Americana offers American cuisine with hints of various European influences.
  • DW Bistro – Customers will get to choose a unique mix of Jamaican and New Mexican cuisines here. Expect every meal to be a new discovery in this bistro.

What Makes Henderson Beautiful?

Geographically situated close to Nevada’s Black Mountains, Henderson has a number of picturesque hiking trails. Travelling within Anthem is possible using a used or new car. Residents in this part of California will never face any parking problems.

A number of infrastructural developments have occurred in Las Vegas over few years, more so in Henderson. As a result, properties in this part of the world have become very attractive for buyers. The new buyers are glad to see developments in the form of the new East Galleria Drive, which easily connects Lake Las Vegas with US Highway 95. The road is extremely useful for the Henderson resort community in several ways. Shopping arcades are now easily accessible now as a result.

In Touch with Self

Buying a condo in Anthem is one of the best ways to get in touch with self as a retiree. Peaceful and safe living in this area will give individuals plenty of time to think about themselves and indulge in the things they like. Grassy green golf courses are available in this area.

Some of the best areas to live in Anthem are Sun City Anthem, Anthem Country Club, Madeira Canyon, and Anthem Highlands. More luxurious homes can be found in Madeira Canyon.

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