Digital Learning: An Innovative Engineering Aid

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With an impressive advancement in technology, over the years, every kind of impossible and tedious task has now become feasible. The things which were earlier seems to be difficult-to-do are now easy and manageable. All thanks to the extreme progression in the technological and multimedia sector. From shopping to gossiping, learning to teaching, playing to entertainment, every task is made available on a just single click through internet services.

digital learningRecently, the education sector has encountered the revolution through digitization in learning and teaching process. Yes, the concept of Digital Learning is a newest idea which has successfully transformed the monotonous learning classrooms to innovative yet interesting engineering classrooms.

The idea is to impart knowledge with fun to the aspiring engineers. Due to an excessive use of digital gadgets like ipad, SmartPhones, laptops and other devices by today’s generation makes this concept a super-hit! Learning through watching is always recommended and desired. The students tend to learn, gain and grasp the knowledge more impromptu with effective Visual Learning scheme.

The students, who always try to run away from boring classrooms, now don’t even attempt to miss such digital classrooms. Virtual study is an unimaginable step towards an effective learning process. Online tutorials, animated educational videos and other informational video courses are included as a study material. The system has contributed in augmenting the all-round development of the students.

The engineering field has indeed witnessed a remarkable boost in the specified education area. Students who have gained the technical knowledge need to be well-versed with different and complex engineering theories. In that case, the best way of studying is to watch and learn from real-life examples. It is a defined fact that learning through visuals always prove to be the best method while acquainting with myriad of aspects of the courses that can’t be explained theoretically.

DragonFly Education is a company that has introduced such beguiled concept of digital learning for the several engineering institutes spread across the nation. The brilliant learning solution has cut down the heaps of the academic burden for the students and teaching load for the faculty members. The institutions are humbled to adopt the fascinating system. Now the professors are imparting good quality knowledge to the students with intent to make them future leaders in their respective career.

DrgonFly MasterClass renders the knowledge through the right and the definite use of advanced multi-media technology. It is especially designed by the company with an aim to impart an effective way of teaching through innovative yet interesting use of animation and interactive media sources. The courseware that comprises the MasterClass entirely represents the university syllabi. The topics are picked from the particular subjects and then are transformed into virtual educational videos. The teachers are not required to prepare the lecture manually as everything is well-structured and planned in the software. The perfect execution of virtual learning is made through an immaculate 360 degree program what includes E-Campus, E-assessment and E-community.

Dr. Gopal P. Sinha, HOD of Sharda University shared his views on the same by saying, “I am very happy to see such a nice response from faculty and students both. In the pilot process students are responding very well. I really appreciate your qualitative product, animation and the content you used. It helps students to better understand and visualize the concepts and co-relate it with the practical aspect.”

Gurkirat Singh, an executive director of the Gulzar Group of Institutes, says, “The concept of digital learning by DragonFly has given a new yet innovative level to the engineering education field altogether. It proves to be a big relief for both the teachers and the students as far as load of paperwork is concerned. DragonFly Masterclass enables the students to pursue excellence in the field of engineering education.”

The concept has been adopted by well-known engineering education centers located in different parts of the nation. It has been observed that the Learning-ability quotient among the students is being raised astoundingly with an application of the idea. Students are actually enjoying while learning a myriad of complex theories and concepts of engineering fields such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, robotics and automation and many more courses.

Another member of education council Pushpinder Gera is being quoted as saying, “My Experience with Dragon fly was Very Good. Dragon fly slides are interesting, experimental based and thus keep the students as captivated as they are in cinema halls. Its visual representation of concepts is really great. I would to express my appreciation for the tremendous effort made by the dragon fly team.”

Prof. Banshidhar Choudhary (SET, ME & AE, Sharda University) said, I am happy to see such a nice response of dragonfly masterclass product. It helps students to understand the concept more clearly with the help of animation. It is a nice tool to interact with the class.

Author Bio:
Hi, I am Rajni Sudera, working for Dragonfly Education. It was conceived in the year 2010 with a vision to revolutionize the education system by incorporating digital learning in the form of animated educational videos, convenient assessment software and community learning. Connect with me on twitter @RajniSudera


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