Are you Managing Your Finances and Investments in right manner?

Your money and investments and money management techniques are very important in your life. Managing them effectively and efficiently will determine the quality of life you live and your path to financial freedom. For you be in control of money and investments, you need to understand clearly, where your cash is coming from and ensure that the money is invested wisely. Always ensure that your expenses do not surpass your income otherwise you risk being is a debt crisis.

Tips that will help you to manage your money wisely:

1. Budget
prepare a budget and allocate adequate amount of money for the items in the budget. Whether it is for personal use or for your business investments, prepare a comprehensive budget that will entail all the items you intend to buy within a given period of time. Ensure that you buy the items that are on the budget

2. Savings
set aside a certain percentage of your income for future use or investment. It is not a good practice to spend all the money you earn. Savings are useful while investing and buying expensive items that you may not be able to buy with your current income.

3. Shop from various sources
Check out different sources of the items you intend to buy. Online sources are usually cheaper and some online merchants offer free shipping. You will realize a substantial amount of savings over a long duration of time.
Tips for managing your investment

1. Invest wisely
Regardless of your investment portfolio, invest wisely on things that will generate a good income.

2. Diversify your investment portfolio
Ensure that you do not out all the eggs in one basket. Invest in many kinds of investments such as stock exchange, money market funds, and online businesses, buy partnerships from various local businesses. In case one investment fails then, you can always generate income from another source. Stock exchange is a good investment portfolio, but one in a while the stocks may hit rock bottom prices. This may affect you adversely if all your investments are on the stock market.

3. Take calculated risk
Every investment is associated with a risk. The higher the risk the more the returns, you can put a certain percentage on high risk investments, another percentage on medium risk investments and even a certain percentage in the low risk investments. This way you will have income from various sources and you will be guaranteed on income from one source or another. If the risk is too high, think twice before you invest

4. Prioritise high risk investments
The income generated from high risk ventures can be deceiving at times and you may be tempted to invest all your hard earned cash on such venture. However this is not the case all the time. Do your research and if the venture has good returns prioritize such investment.

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