Detecting Pipe Leaks or Water Leaking


Leaking pipes or water leaking no matter how big or small, can certainly impact your household water or gas bills. Leak detection is very important to the condition and maintenance of your home or business. It can make a difference in the establishment’s overall structure and even health environment. Effective management of leaks is crucial to your livelihood. Through a variety of methods, companies can help you ensure that your establishment is safe and secure at all times. Unless you know basic pipes maintenance, consider having your pipes or stainless steel tube bending regularly checked and maintained.


Leaks can occur anywhere there are pipes. Under your home or business area is a series of pipe bends and sewers that connect and run your home’s basic utilities – such as water and gas. Always be cautious and regularly maintain your gas pipes as gas leaks can cause fires and major accidents.


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Pipes protection is essential to any residential and commercial building. Gas leaks can cause major accidents that can lead to destruction of lives and property, stagnant water on the other hand can cause mould and bacteria that can also compromise health; hence action is required to protect the property from any unnoticed leaks. The good news is, there are a number of things that homeowners can easily do – the quickest and easiest way of which is to fix small pipe leaks themselves.


One common method is to use epoxy – which is widely available in most hardware stores to fix leaking pipe fittings, pipe tube bending and joints. Before starting, cut off the water supply to drain all water from the pipes. Water purging can be done by letting the faucet run until no more water comes out. After purging, dry out and clean the pipes using a steel wool. Make sure that the pipes are dry and clean since applying epoxy on a wet pipe can give unsatisfactory results. After ensuring these, apply the epoxy and let dry. You can refer to the epoxy’s instructions on how long you should let it stand to fully dry. Avoid using the pipe line until the epoxy is completely dry.


You can also use pipe clamps to fix leaks. Remember to ensure that the clamp you buy is the right size and fit for your leaking pipe. Again, clean your pipe well. Be careful in doing so and wrap your pipe in a rubber pad which should be placed over the area where the leak is. When you have the pad in place, put the pipe clamp over it and screw the clamp securely. This method can also stop moderate leaks.


If you think you have a major leak problem, you can call in a professional who can run tests and confirm if there is indeed a leak in your home. Leak detection will not damage your home in any way, and instead can prevent any major leaks or problems. If you think you have a leak in your home because of a change in your bills or utilities consumption, or something does not smell quite right, then it is essential consult a professional or check your pipes to fix any problem early on.



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