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You love having options, everyone does. So why bother going into business, or trusting your hard-earned business, with a company that doesn’t give you options and everything you need? As an educated consumer you understand that sometimes, companies will say and do anything to make you feel like their one size fits all business solution package is the very best. That’s not further from the truth and you need a business solutions package that will work perfectly with your construction business.

Comparing available options of construction accounting software for making the best choice

Construction Accounting Software

Since there are obviously many types of construction businesses out there, how do you know that a product will fit? You know because you have options available to you from some companies.

Maxwell Construction Accounting has choices of software to fit your construction business needs

Maxwell Systems, for example, will give you options that will fit your construction needs depending on which type of business you are trying to run. If you don’t have many clients, they have a package for that. If you work for government contracts, they have a package for that. The list goes on and on, needless to say, there are industry-specific solutions that will work for you, from estimates to construction accounting to payroll. Each of these software suite packages gives you the chance you need to have options and pick what will help you to make your business grow even more, and be backed with years of experience in both construction and business solutions and management. For you, having options should mean that you get a chance to decide what is best for your own company, and will give you the peace of mind that you need when finding out who you want to do business with.

Maxwell Systems support team is always there to help you succeed in your business

Maxwell Systems doesn’t just give you some software and wish you luck; they work with you every step of the way to ensure that they can help your company grow into its full potential. Since they pride themselves on how well their customers do with their products, they give you the options that you need in order to succeed in your business and give you comprehensive support while you are learning the system, and then continue to help you. With a support team ready to help you, you will never have to deal with only being able to contact via e-mail and hoping they respond. You will not have to wait hours on hold for someone to answer your questions, and this is very comforting to most business owners. The construction business demands fast turn-arounds and quick answers to questions, that’s why Maxwell Systems strives to help you make your business work as quickly as it can while giving you the best technology that you will find anywhere in the industry. Maxwell Systems offers four basic options to help you match the unique and changing need of your company. They allow several different options for you as you may have different needs than another company.

ProContractorMX, a fully functional program designed for all your construction business needs

Maxwell Systems starts by giving you the choice of ProContractorMX. This is a fully-functional program that is designed with the contractor in mind, and is great for those that handle roofing, drywall, sitework, paving, excavation and masonry work. They provide you with an entire suite of software that is sure to help you get moving in the right direction. The best part about this special software is that it covers each projects entire lifecycle. This means it will have you covered from takeoff and estimates to the final paycheck. It does this while covering all your other needs such as equipment and employees and will give you great reports so you know what needs to be done, this helps your company move much faster.

American Contractor program, a program with some extra support to manage your accounting

Another contractor option available from Maxwell Systems is American Contractor. This program is great for contractors that need some extra support to manage their accounting. It helps you by noticing cost reductions and organizing everything in a way that makes sense.

Management Suite, a more general and ready to go program

Management Suite is another option that is ready to go when you need it. It’s more general, but still helps you from the time you start making your quotes to the final paycheck. It gives you the chance to make the most money you can on any project.

StreetSmarts, software specially designed for heavy construction and highway construction companies

The last software suite available is StreetSmarts. This is made with the heavy construction and highway construction companies in mind. It helps reduce costs, organize and raise profits.

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