How to write an essay in 12 easy steps

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How to write an essay-

Writing an essay can be a daunting experience. Here are 12 tips to help clear your mind.

Get comfortable

Clear yourself a workspace which will allow you to plan, write and, most importantly, think without distraction. Having a quiet room in the house is the best place to be comfortable and get those brain juices flowing.

Know your subject

If you have gaps in your knowledge, or you need to How to write an essaybrush up on the key points, take the time to carry out some further research. Knowing the subject inside and out ,essay format will give you an added edge and speed when writing your essay.

Be clear on what you’re trying to achieve

You may find it helpful to write out an ‘elevator pitch’ – 20-30 words outlining exactly what it is you are writing about. Stick this on a nearby wall or door and refer back to it often. Doing this will increase your brains activity and help you think ‘outside of the box’.

Know your audience

The key to good quality writing is to know who your audience is, and what you’re trying to say to them. Pitch your essay to your audience accordingly, taking into consideration the language and style of writing. Make sure you stick on point and do not waffle.

Plan, in advance

Before the first word is typed, ensure that your essay has a strong plan on which to base itself. A rough road-map will add structure and sharpen your focus. Mind mapping can help here too. A mind map is a collection of thoughts which all start from a single thought mapped on a page. A lot like brain storming.

The Killer Intro (part one)

Journalists, particularly in print media, tend to favour intro lines no longer than 15 words.This should be plenty for a sharp, concise opening line. Going over that and people tend to leave your intro there!

The Killer Intro (part two)

As important as it is, don’t feel the intro should be the first thing you necessarily commit to paper. Often, as you get further into the writing of your essay, you will find it easier to come up with that one-line wonder which will grab the reader and demand their attention.

Write, without fear

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The British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) has a simple rule for its journalists; inform, educate and entertain. Write with passion, with enthusiasm, with care and, most importantly, without fear. If you write by these rules you will see that essay writing becomes a lot easier and faster.

Don’t sweat the detail…yet

Can’t decide on using a certain turn of phrase? Not certain whether to use your strongest quotation now, or save it for a strong finish? Leave it. You can always come back, and returning to a query further down the line allows you to sharpen your critical senses. This way you are making sure your essay gets the attention it deserves and your high marks

should follow.

Sweat the detail

Accuracy is king with any formal piece of written work. Check, double check, verify,confirm, clear; do whatever you have to do to ensure what you hand in is a piece of work with integrity, written honestly and without prejudice.

Meet your deadline

Vitally important – don’t ruin your hard work by missing the all important submission deadline. By planning in advance what is needed, and working with that date in mind,you can remove the majority of the stress associated with essay writing. Using a calendar and setting out your essay writing time is essential so don’t fall down here.



Enjoy it

Often unappreciated in the essay writing process is the sub-conscious effect it has.As you write, you learn, so take the opportunity to soak in your subject matter. And remember, the sense of achievement will live on long after the final full stop is written. If you enjoy it, you will want to write again, and again, and again…

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  1. Writing an essay feels like a huge chore that takes a lot of time but if you have the right steps it can actually be easier in the long run.

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