How to Write an Exceptional Statement of Purpose?

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Tips to Write an Exceptional Statement

Writing a Statement of Purpose is one of the trickiest aspects of sending application to an international university. Students usually approach their Statement of Purpose like any other essay about themselves. They write generic monotonous things about their life which very rarely stands out for the reader. Exactly that is the reason why, universities considers the Statement of Purpose as one of the most important documents of any application. Imagine it this way, your statement of purpose is the first introduction to the university admission officers and works as a deal maker or breaker.

So, how can you actually stand out from the rest of the students through your Statement of Purpose while applying to an international university to study abroad?

How to Write an Exceptional Statement

Let’s start with the basics and concentrate on things that students must include in their statement of purpose to make it informative. So, this is what you are expected to write in the statement –

  • What do you want to study? And why do you choose this disciplines?
  • What makes you think that the particular university is good for you?
  • Why did you choose this country for overseas education?
  • What do expect from the university?
  • How much and what do you understand about the country, its culture and people?
  • Your experience – how much and what kind?
  • Is the experience related to the field of study you are opting for?
  • What skills would you like to learn during the degree course?
  • What do you plan to do with the degree later in your life?
  • Do you plan to take up any research projects in future?
  • How you can contribute to the university as an international student?
  • Your hobbies, interests?
  • Anything unique about you that sets you apart from the crowd and the university must know about it?

These are some of the basic questions that you must answer through the statement of purpose you are sending to the university. Now, comes the most interesting and important part that how you want to present this information. Start by writing the answers of these questions separately, so that you have the raw material of how to co-relate each point. Always remember, telling them your story interestingly is the key to a great statement of purpose. Just make sure what you write is true and makes sense without leaving any scope for cross-questioning. Let’s come to the strategies.


Tips to Write a Great Statement of Purpose


  1. “I really want to study in this university.” This is the stupidest your statement of purpose can say. Yes, telling a story does not mean you beat around the bush. It is a formal document and must carry specific information that makes sense. There is no room for writing any casual or ideal statements. Do you even realize why the universities are making you write a statement of purpose for admissions? Is it because they want to know more about you? No, the real reason is quite different from what most of us think. Universities want you to think, more so, they want you to comprehend your own perspective. Make sure you highlight a clear perspective.



  1. Always start writing the statement of purpose after you talk to your professors or teachers. Our teachers and professors are great sources of knowledge. Their knowledge is not limited to the subject they teach. Teachers know you the most. Your teacher can tell your things about your own personality that you pay any attention to. Approach your teachers and professors to understand what they think of you. Take their advice before you start drafting your statement of purpose.


  1. Never hesitate to talk about your shortcomings or failures. Describe them in brief with proper reasoning and understanding. It just goes on to show that you are aware of your failures and are ready to overcome them positively. This works great for students with low academic performance or poor records somewhere in between. The way you analyse the problem can actually overshadow the fact that there was a problem.


  1. Be formal but not boring. There is very thin line between being formal, informative and being too simple, boring. Students usually approach the Statement of Purpose formally, which ends up being next to boring. The only way you can be formal and not boring is by making the tone of your Statement of Purpose conversational. A conversational tone always works especially if you can add a bit of humour. However, humour cannot or rather should not be intentional or funny.


  1. Once you are done writing, starts the process of editing. Read, re-read, proof read. Share the Statement of Purpose with your teachers, family and friends. Ask for their advice and rating on your statement. Request them to be honest with the feedback. Approach each person close to you and take their feedback on what you have drafted as a Statement of Purpose so far. Never leave scope for grammatical or spelling mistakes in the document. A perfectly written Statement of Purpose shows how much you care about getting admission in the university.



Author Bio – Romika Maitra, a professional writer based in India, is presently working with one of India’s largest overseas education consultants – The Chopras. She is passionate about the promoting education as a culture in India and believes that global education can change the face of the world. Follow her online on Twitter @romika_maitra


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