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Meetings and conferences are becoming increasingly common in the professional world – and not always to positive effect. As reported by Psychology Today, meetings can kill productivity. This is not to say that companies should not conduct them. However, studies suggest that we attend too many meetings and end up getting less done in the process. Here are some of the reasons that the magazine cited for unproductive meetings:

  • However much time you allocate for a meeting is going to be used, even if there is not enough on the agenda to fill that time.
  • Getting ready for an upcoming meeting requires a lot of work and preparation for meeting scheduler, and this takes away from time that could be working on actual office-related tasks.
  • People have limited cognitive resources, and excessive or long meetings can deplete them.

So if all of these meetings are killing our productivity, what is the solution? The answer is not terribly complicated. Conduct fewer meetings, and see to it that those meetings that do convene are highly effective.

Meeting Outside the Office

Getting the most out of a meeting is as much about choosing the right venue at it is about being prepared. Indeed, the right sales pitch given in the wrong environment is probably not going to be effective – no matter how much time and energy you put in behind the scenes. Of course, the opposite can be true as well. If you stage your meeting in the ideal setting, the people sitting across the table from you are going to be more receptive, and that means are much more likely to accomplish your objective.

Try meeting outside the office. The sheer fact that you are going to be taking the crew out of the office to an off-site boardroom or conference room is going to raise the stakes of the meeting. Consider booking MWBEX serviced office space or something of a similar nature. Companies that offer facilities like this can set you up with space to work and meet in for a year, a month or even a couple hours. These facilities are state of the art, and they come with all of the equipment, hardware and IT support that you need to get the most out of your meeting.

Instead of languishing in your own facilities, which are probably cramped, uncomfortable and underequipped, you and your attendees will be setting yourself up for the most effective meeting possible. In addition, everyone in attendance is going to find it easier to focus. Moving a meeting to an off-site location underlines its importance, and everyone is going to be more prepared as a result.

Of course, if you insist on hosting all of your meetings off-site, then you are also going to end up hosting far fewer meetings as a result. You certainly will not be hosting them several times per week .Instead, you will hold off and save your meetings for important occasions.

Experts not only recommend reducing the frequency of office meetings; they also recommend reducing the meeting’s length. Again, hosting at an off-site facility that you have explicitly booked for this purpose is going to keep everyone on topic. You decide ahead of time how long you want your meeting to be, and you book accordingly. When your time is up, that’s it. Meeting adjourned.

Granted, this is only one strategy that a company can use to host more effective meetings, and there are certainly other ways that would also be effective. The key is to find a solution that works in spite of your subconscious tendencies to drag everybody back to the unproductive model that they are accustomed to.



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