Refurbishing or Converting That Old Wet Bar

old wet bar

Convert old wet bar

Not so long ago, homeowners were lining up to have a Old Wet Bar  installed in their houses. Usually, they were placed in a game room or family room designed for entertaining.


However, times and tastes have changed. Many people are taking the emphasis off of entertaining with alcohol. They may have small children or simply dislike the idea of sending guests home after a night of drinking. In addition, modern homes more frequently have open floor plans that connect a kitchen with another living space, making for the perfect spot to entertain in the home and making the wet bar obsolete.

Convert old wet bar

Nonetheless, a majority of homes; both old and new feature an unused wet bar that most people consider either an eyesore or an inconvenience. Well, you don’t need to feel discouraged because of an unwanted wet bar. A little creativity is all that’s needed to refurbish that old wet bar or to convert it into something new and functional.


Modern Design Ideas

The problem with many wet bars is their dated appearance. The dark wood and mirrors that were popular for these spaces in the 1970s have long since been abandoned. Accordingly, if you’d still like to make use of your existing wet bar, you may just need to do a bit of redesigning.

Inside Secrets that Interior Designers Use to Make Your Home a Reflection of You

  • Updated cabinetry, appliances, faucets and lighting can go a long way toward making a more modern design statement.
  • Since most wet bars are fairly small, it may make sense to pick up some remainder kitchen cabinets from a local carpentry company.
  • The modern look and reduced pricing make this an attractive option.
  • A new backsplash can similarly make a world of difference.
  • Consider glass or ceramic tiles to give the wet bar a more modern appearance.


An Environmentally Friendly Bar

It’s also possible to update the wet bar and make it more environmentally friendly all at once by making these components a part of the project:


  • A low flow faucet that ensures less water waste
  • Energy star appliances like a small, under the counter refrigerator
  • Energy efficient, recessed lighting for setting just the right ambiance.


Influenced by Your Lifestyle

Moreover, some people are updating their wet bar to match their style of entertaining guests.

  • People who love to host wine tastings are making their wet bars wine specific by adding a wine chiller and including shelves designed to display bottles.
  • A more casual option is to create a beer bar that offers favorite brews on tap.


Setting Up The Bar for Special Occasions

Still other homeowners only want to put their wet bar on display for special occasions.

  • Artfully placed curtains are an economical and low effort choice.
  • On the other hand, sliding doors or French doors offer fantastic design options that enable homeowners more control over the look of their room depending upon the type of entertaining they envision.



Converting a Wet Bar

Some homeowners would rather do away with the wet bar entirely. They are in luck, because there’s a multitude of fun options for them to choose from. A wet bar can become a:


  • Curio cabinet – With a bit of updating to shelves and lighting, an old wet bar can be the perfect place to display collectables.
  • Computer center – Create the ideal workspace by removing the plumbing and re-working the cabinetry.
  • Book shelves – This is a lovely way to highlight favorite volumes with hardwood shelves, and possibly even behind glass doors.
  • Arts and crafts area – Give the kids a place to let their imaginations run wild. The presence of a sink means being able to keep the space clean with little fuss.
  • Satellite kitchen – Add a small refrigerator and microwave so it’s easy to prepare small snacks conveniently while the family is watching a movie or playing games.
  • Coffee bar – This is the perfect solution for those who don’t want to emphasize alcohol but adore an extra shot of caffeine.
  • Storage closet – Plenty of homeowners bemoan the lack of closet space in their homes. Depending on the type of existing wet bar, it may be possible to turn it into a closet complete with plenty of shelving.


With a spark of creativity, that old wet bar can easily become any family’s favorite nook in the house. Homeowners who spend some time thinking about how that outmoded feature could be refurbished or converted to suit their lifestyle will be rewarded with a great new way to entertain guests, work efficiently from home or display some prized possessions.


An old wet bar will no longer be something to shun, but rather a desirable amenity thanks to its versatility and functionality.


Richard Campen has over 30 years of experience helping people create their dream homes. At Archway Press, Inc. you’ll find a premium collection of house plans and custom made garage plans created by country’s leading designers.

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