Why Visit the Historic and Breathtaking City Of Skopje macedonia

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When it comes to spending vacations in Europe, most of the people think about more famous cities like London, Paris, and Rome etc. However, Europe is much more than these so called bustling cities with many beautiful places still mostly unexplored by the tourists. One such city is Skopje, the capital of Macedonia that combines the rich history with glittering present with style and glare.

Best Tourists Attractions of Macedonia:

Following lines explain some of the most exquisite places to explore in the country.

  • Old Stone Bridge:

The stone bridge on the River Vardar is not an ordinary bridge but it connects the modern Skopje macedonia, the capital of the country with its past. Although the bridge was restored in 90s, some parts of it date back to the time of fall of mighty Roman Empire. In fact, bridge is famous for its twelve classic arches that link the old town with the more modern part of the city and through which tourist can walk across the bridge.

  • Millennium Cross:

This huge cross stands atop Mount Vonda and overlooks the city of Skopje below. Actually, the cross was built to celebrate the 2000 years of existence of Christianity. This is a real monument for the city with a very troubled past. It is usually well lit in night and on hazy summer nights; the cross looks bit eerie as it is burning.  The spectacular view of the Skopje from the top of mount also provides a rare opportunity to the people to take stunning photos of the city and to convert them to fascinating artworks through techniques like large canvas prints.

  • Mustafa Pasha Mosque:

The towering minarets and grand structure of the mosque indicates the fact the city remained under Ottoman rule for centuries. The construction of mosque was completed in 1571 and it successfully survived the fire in 17th century that demolished most of the Skopje. It is a lovely building with well-preserved gardens and built in delightful Ottoman architecture style.

  • Mother Teresa Sites:

One of the most respected and adorned women of the 20thcentury; Mother Teresa was actually from Skopje. The city remembers the woman quite humbly with only a simple statue and a marker to her birthplace. As she was famous for working in India for poor, some people believe that these modest settings are appropriate to remember the woman.

  • Old Railway Station:

Time stood still for the entire country when a massive earthquake bulldozed Skopje in 1963. In fact, time at the clocked at old railway station stopped at 5:17am and you can still see some hands pointing towards it. The station is disarray is now used as memorial of that tragedy and the façade serves as the city museum.

  • Kale Fortress:

Just like many other cities of Europe, Skopje has its own castle that serves as the main center of attraction for the tourists. This castle is also as old as the famous stone bridge. During a recent digging, archeologists have discovered that the main castle is standing on the foundation of another castle like building that dates back prior to the start of Roman civilization. Furthermore, the magnificent view of River Vardar from the castle is perfect for taking some great pictures and converting them to artworks like photo on canvas prints.


Skopje is beautiful city with that offers a rare blend of past and present. Therefore, it is also necessary see city during your summer vacations as other famous cities of Europe are.

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